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  1. and people can't understand that both of these can be true and false at the same time.
  2. Watching an old episode of classic concentration hosted by Alex Trebek on the buzzr channel and one of the matching prizes is 10 shares of Sears stock.
  3. Houser with a complete game shutout. #ThisismyCrew
  4. Joker beat a qualifier 3 sets to 1. After Rune won the 2nd set he had some major cramping set in.
  5. Why do we need the IM and the email. There is also the phone. 3 different ways to communicate? I can't stand the IM. Pops up with a noise and a flash. Then the IM isn't saved like an email. So if you told me something I want to refer back to I can not find it. I don't understand. Let me understand, you got the hen, the chicken and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So, who's having sex with the hen? There all chickens. The rooster has sex with all of them. That's perverse!
  6. Today was a Ken Jennings playing rerun so my DVR didn't pick it up.
  7. Ploy. to. motivate. Tatum Bell gets me everytime
  8. Wish I still had my castles and action figures.
  9. I have experienced the same situation. Front deck got under water due to too much weight. People moved to the back and the pontoon was fine.
  10. Yes and not just sports. Anything based on an age cut off. They are smarter, bigger, faster, etc. They tend to become leaders.
  11. My 12 yr old son had his first baseball league game last night. Got the start and struck out 4 in his 2 innings pitched. Then hit a double off the fence. Great start to build his confidence.
  12. I agree with this. You have 20 years until you retire. Once you retire you don't need all the money at once. You will hopefully need that money for another 20 to 30 years. Some people think of it as buckets of money. I need 1 bucket for the first year and another bucket for the 2nd year and so on. So only a portion of the total needs to be more secure. As OZ said it is a matter of risk tolerance as to how quickly you shift the money.
  13. See a lot of new balance baseball cleats
  14. Hit up true value for some paint for a couple of planter boxes.
  15. Pretty sure our bitcoin guy @hooter311 already sold his zebra and there were some issues previously with his wallaby.
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