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  1. Understood, but we also need to look at the 1.02 pick over the last couple years. Using Mike Tagliere (Fantasy Pros) as freely accessible, here are is rankings: 2020 - Johnathon Taylor (2020) 2019 - David Montgomery (2019) 2018 - Sony Michel (2018) 2017 - Leonard Fournette (2017)
  2. I guess it comes down to current roster construction and risk tolerance. Maybe its just that I've been burned plenty by "can't miss prospects" that I'd rather take the sure thing. Especially if the sure thing is a 23 year old stud. Now if the 22 1st ends up top 1-3, I'd see this as a win.
  3. Could is the key word. If they surpass AJB, it won't likely be by much. Too much risk for me.
  4. I agree that Chubb may be the best RB in football. Definitely in the top five.
  5. The more I think about it, you could be right. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. I think he’s a much safer option than the 1.08, but may not have the upside.
  6. Not saying that I think Golladay is a top 5 WR, but I would take that bet.
  7. If that pick for Golladay was 1.04, I’d feel much better about my return.
  8. I wouldn't sell Golladay for 1.08 or 1.09. However, based on other replies, its seems like that may be his perceived value.
  9. Isn't the much more likely answer that both are good backs but the system made them great? I'm staying off of Williams in the top 5. It may bite me, but I think Carter is the better value.
  10. I’ve sent out feelers to move Henry. Based on responses, I’ll probably just keep him and hope to get a few more years from him. Nothing close to where I value him.
  11. Because I don’t have the energy to negotiate with someone when their opening offer is 1.06/Hopkins for 1.01.
  12. I’d probably just put that guy on my “do not trade with” list.
  13. I like your side in all your deals. I can see either side of the last one, but I'd probably take Adams.
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