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  1. If he's on your dynasty waiver, he's a must add. Mostert and Wilson are on one year deals.
  2. Carr and this offensive is too conservative to get consistent value out of the WR position. Especially with Ruggs and Edwards competing for so little targets. Such a shame.
  3. I know I’m in the minority, but I think this will be a much closer game than the spread and pundits indicate. Ben is as healthy as he’ll be all year and the defense is still nasty. Should be a great game.
  4. I would have and still would take Pitts, Chase, and Harris (only because of landing spot). Now, I'd probably jump Williams ahead of him. Maybe Smith...
  5. Like this list but would replace Stevenson with Singletary.
  6. Given that the 1st are 2 and 3 years out, this isn’t nearly enough.
  7. I think we’re sleeping a bit on Parris Campbell. As unlikely as it seems, if he can stay healthy, I think he’s better suited for the WR1 role.
  8. Has anyone seen any trades involving Gus Edwards yet? On one hand, he should have an increased workload and high TD potential this season that would put his value in the mid to late round one range. On the other, he will go right back into more of a timeshare next season with the potential it could still happen this season. For a long term planner, that probably puts him in the early 2nd range. So does late 1st/early 2nd seem about right?
  9. You just got Waddle in the mid 1st. So far he’s done nothing to make you feel he won’t live up to the pick. So unless you know the 2022 first is early, I don’t know why you do this.
  10. I think Henderson is a very strong buy in dynasty. I'm not at all scared off of LAR bringing in someone after cut downs. At this point, I very comfortable thinking that Henderson gets the majority of touches. Given the fact that there's more that 0% chance Akers ever regains his full ability, he's got an opportunity for an extended run with high workload on a dynamic offense. Also, I think most dynasty value lists and calculators are still undervaluing this opportunity. He's routinely valued similarly to Damien Harris, Ronald Jones, and AJ Dillon. If I can get Henderson 1 for 1 for any of those guys, I'm not hesitating.
  11. I don’t disagree that I’d rather have Aiyuk, but I’ve seen worse. It’s probably Viska too much.
  12. I don’t think it’s THAT bad. In a year or two you may be thinking completely different about this one.
  13. Exactly. By putting all faith in an unmotivated Afgan army, they had no control of the "timeline". I can't understand why American military weren't providing support and a back stop to a quickly advancing Taliban and assisting in a controlled retreat.
  14. Their value all depends on if Ben can stay healthy. If so, I think all three can produce, but Johnson will be most consistent.
  15. Its getting to the point where it may be easier to sustain long term success by trading draft picks to "old" players.
  16. I tried Henderson/Golladay for Robinson. I thought maybe it was close enough to receive a counter. It did not.
  17. He’s fine. I don’t think he played much.
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