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  1. Need a fact check on the rules, but I believe that by putting him on the 53 man roster, they have guaranteed his contract for the full year. Bell and Murray were both signed to the practice squad, and neither are guaranteed. Absent some really extraordinary circumstances, I don’t see Bell or Murray cutting into his share of the offense. Given Baltimore’s love of running back committees, I expect a very strong season.
  2. Best result from a ff perspective... Watson forces a trade to Miami, Miami signs Robinson to be their D Hopkins. At least, that’s my dream scenario
  3. Did a search, but couldn’t find a thread on Mostert. If it’s just my awful internet skills, please direct me to the right thread. Otherwise, are the 49ers bringing him back this week, and how will he do?
  4. https://www.si.com/nfl/patriots/gm-report/jakobi-meyers-2019-film-review heres some good info on him from earlier in the year. I remember he was the talk of training camp in 2019, but didn’t get much run in the season. The article posits that he had difficulty learning the system, and Brady doesn’t throw to receivers he doesn’t trust. he should be the Pats number one wr for the rest of the season. Don’t think Julian is coming back and Harry has been dreadful. Not sure why FBG is so high on him this week as Baltimore is a tough draw. That said, I can’t see him getting less than 8 targets this week which will at least make him a wr2.
  5. I’ve always been a fan of sloppy fields as long as the football is dry enough for the qb to grip. Offensive player can make sharper cuts because he knows where he’s going, while the defender has to watch the player and the field. Nor sure if stats bear this out, but I wouldn’t be afraid of using Terry under these conditions.
  6. Lost a third of my lineup to the surprise bye (Conners, Smith-Schuster, Pit D), plus lost Mostert to injury. have to roll with Dak Prescott Jonathon Taylor Allen Robinson Terry McLauren Robby Anderson Jerry Jeudy Marvin Jones SF kicker Cincy D 16 team league, so it’s not as bad a lineup as it seems, but definitely an uphill climb for 4-0
  7. Pretty clear that the Colts are being very careful with him. In a competitive game, I’m sure he would have gotten the Wilkins touches in the 4th quarter. He looks like he could easily carry a 20 touch load. i’m impressed with his running style. Very good burst and he got positive results on every carry. The touchdown run was a thing of beauty. He was nailed in the backfield but made an incredible body twist and still had the power to carry defensive linemen into the end zone with him. He wasn’t terribly involved in the passing game, but it was a blowout and the Colts only threw 25 times. As long as he’s on the team, Hines will have the passing back role, but Taylor made no mistakes in the passing game. Did fine on blitz pickups and routes. So far, no fumbles through 3 games, although that was a problem for him in college. To my untrained eye, he had a very successful Sunday.
  8. Didn’t see the game. Were the 9 carries of Wilkins just running out the clock to preserve Taylor’s health?
  9. Not sure why you see Fant as the higher option. Jeudy out-targeted Fant Monday, and based on his pedigree, I believe he will be Denver’s number one receiver by the end of the season. Unless you’re in a 10 team league, can’t imagine why you’d consider dropping him. At least let your league mates know he’s available. Have a feeling you’ll get a tasty trade offer.
  10. On the Hines vs Snell question, it depends what you’re looking for. At best, Hines can be James White or Tarik Cohen. At worst, he is Gio Bernard. That makes him a low end rb2 with a terrible floor in games with a bad game script. He has value as a bye week replacement if you don’t have better options, but it’s likely that he’ll be on your bench when he goes off for a couple of TDS in a 20 point outburst. Snell has less value now, but in the likely event that Conners continues to have injury issues, he will be a 3 down back and a likely RB2. You won’t have to guess about when to start him and he won’t likely have big outbursts while on your bench. Another advantage of Snell is that he will likely have some trade value to a very nervous Conners owner. if you need bye week protection, grab Hines. If your swinging for the fences, put the claim in for Snell
  11. Logan Thomas? Led Washington in targets (8) and got a TD. TE who is clearly the number 2 receiver
  12. Game script? It seems very possible that the Colts will be up big in the second half. If so, will they ride Mack or look to try to find out what they have in their new toy? Will they just keep the RBBC? What’s your guess?
  13. They are both excellent backs and I thoroughly liked watching Devin succeed last year. That said, if Singletary is having legitimate fumbling issues in camp, his leash will be exceedingly short, and it’s likely that Moss will surpass him
  14. I have the 2 and I’m leaning Zeke. Nobody has mentioned schedule, and Saquon has Steelers, Bears, 49ers, Rams and Cowboys right out of the chute. Don’t really like any of the possible game scripts with Jones at qb. An 0-5 start to a fantasy team can be fatal. I also like that Pollard is a viable handcuff who you should be able to roster. If he goes down, Tony would get a similar workload. The same can’t be said for Deion Lewis.
  15. Saddest part of the football season; hopelessly out of the hunt for this year but still scouring the waiver wire for possible keepers for next year. Who are some guys who are in the last year of their contract or otherwise expected to move on for greener pastures and better situations? Is there a site somewhere that can show me contract status of everyone?
  16. Is Justice Hill dead to us now? I realize his usage has slipped to near nothingness, but he is still the dynamic guy we all saw in preseason. I realize he needs an Ingram injury to sniff the field and still would have to contend with Gus, but is it really time to take him off the lottery list?
  17. Defenses totally disrespect Dallas passing game and have been totally fixated on stopping Zeke and the short passing game. Amari’s hands can be brutal, but he’s a legit downfield threat. Don't know about the pick, but it’s being reported that Eagles already offered a second for him, so there was definitely competition. I agree it’s a risky move, but you can’t blame Jerry for Taking a chance when the division is wide open.
  18. Anyone the least bit concerned that he suffered this concussion in practice where we can assume nobody was trying to give him a highlight reel hit?
  19. Rappaport reporting Gronk will definitely play tonight. Not a game time decision.
  20. I'm benching Reed for Gronk and holding my breath. If I'm losing in the playoffs, I'm not doing it with Gronk on the bench. Wish I had a Monday night option so it would be easier to read the tea leaves.
  21. First, yes it does suck. I really didn't have much issue with the aggressive decisions to go for TDs and not FGs because they had a new kicker and its a lot easier to make those calls with the benefit of hind-sight (and once they passed it up the first time, the second time they almost had to go for the TD). Throwing versus running is always going to be based on the outcome, but what I don't like is completing three passes on 3rd or 4th down short of the marker and turning the ball over on downs. Fitzmagic actually played well in the second half but was hurt by bad drops and by a dumb backup TE that wasn't looking for the ball on a play clearly designed to get him the ball. But once again, being a Jets fan has almost always sucked. One other strange call... Jets call final time out with 2:35 on the game clock and 32 seconds on the play clock. Totally wasted time out as Buff would have had to run a play anyway.
  22. enjoy your circusalthough if he gets trestman that would be a good start but I dont have any clue why any team would want that clown running your show The circus was NYC. Rex will be fine in relatively quiet Buffalo. Players love playing for this guy
  23. 4 o'clock start. If you have to swing for the fences, use him. If you can't afford a zero, look elsewhere!
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