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  1. I'm not a huge stock guy but I did have the foresight to purchase a few stocks last year and have done very well with them. My best two were 100 shares of Brinker (EAT) bought at around 15 and sold last week for 71 and CIT group (CIT) purchased for 17 and sold last week for 40. I sold a few others for a total profit of around 10K. I understand how to buy and sell normal stocks and purchased 100 shares of AMC yesterday morning at a share price of around $8.00. So, apparently some supposedly great thing happened because the stock closed above $8.00 (it closed at $8.01). I watched a you tube video of someone trying to explain it but I think he sorted about 14 grams of cocaine before making the video so it didn't really help. From what I understand, there were a bunch of short orders that expired yesterday at a price of $8.00 and below which will force them to buy a ton of shares that should make the share price go up. They were talking about a gamma squeeze or something like that. I'm sure there's a lot more to it but can someone tell me if this makes any sense and possibly explain it in a sensible non-cocaine induced manner? Thank you kindly.
  2. I think the squirrel is being severely underestimated by some of you. It can use its quickness to bob and weave to avoid the crow's initial peck and then go for the throat with those razor sharp fangs. It can also jump on the back of the crow and scratch its eyes out while simultaneously biting its face. Squirrel wins this 90% of the time.
  3. I'm conducting some backyard research and would like to know who you think would win in an all out fight between a squirrel and a crow. The combatants are an average sized grey squirrel and an average sized black crow. HELPFUL comments are welcome and encouraged. I will refrain from commenting at this time as to not influence the outcome. Thank you kindly. HTH
  4. created venmo account sent $20 to @carlos-rodrigues´╗┐´╗┐-5 sent numbers I read the rules numerous times but honestly don't understand any of it, just let me know if I win. Thanks. If someone can dumb-down the rules for me it would be appreciated.
  5. RIP Hawthorne Wingo.... Knicks fans from back in the day will remember him.
  6. is it really possible for someone to not like ELO?
  7. So this is weird, just for the heck of it I searched for tickets with the same price but in a different section and the facility charge dropped from $36 to $6.00. $263.20 Tickets Standard Ticket: $99.50 x 2 $199.00 Fees Service Fee: $23.60 x 2 $47.20 Facility Charge: $6.00 x $12.00 Order Processing Fee $5.00 Delivery Go Mobile Free
  8. Incorrect on all accounts. Problem solving is achieving your desired outcome despite the obstacles strewn all about your desired path. An an example, the only thing that stands between me and my not being convicted of murder is the fat rat furley testifying against me. You would say "you could have just not committed murder" ...... problem not solved. I on the other hand would toss the fat rat in to a vat of acid and shake it around until nothing is left except a remnant of his Sperry Topsiders..... problem solved.
  9. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just tell me the tickets are $170 each instead of making me feel like you sticking a furley up my butt.
  10. Exactly, and it's not like I can't afford to pay the fees, I just hate getting ripped off.
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