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  1. Hoping the latter knowing he won't victimize any more .
  2. That will only go so far, agree. Says about the state of rock today as much as anything.
  3. Just for cash. You want to use a CC otherwise. If you get hacked or skimmed on a CC, its their money they are stealing. It's a PITA to get your money back on a debit card.
  4. Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJXizasWnIo
  5. I think they are getting NHL back next season.
  6. I'm sure its the lead story on Lansing news tonight, will watch.
  7. I liked Magic the best. You Might Think was the first single, but was a million miles away from anything from the debut album. Tough standards when you are compared to that. YMT was one of the first songs I can remember that really used MTV to sell records.
  8. Ex-USA Olympic Gymnastic coach John Geddert. Charged with human trafficking and criminal sexual assult this morning, committed suicide this afternoon. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/former-olympics-coach-john-geddert-dies-by-suicide_n_603811bfc5b60d98bec8d180
  9. I looked at it as it could have been a great song if it wasn't done by the Cars. They had so many great ones early, this was just another solid release. By the time this came out, new wave was going full steam thanks to MTV, and it wasn't hard enough for the rockers. To me, it was the last of their great albums. The follow-up Heartbeat City was a huge success for them, thanks to MTV - I thought it was fluff at its worst.
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