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  1. I certainly don’t begrudge them. Many of them are my customers. I begrudge the system that is paying people more not to work than min wage employees. That is a really bad system.
  2. No? Actually didn't know there was a video for it. Also didn't know that Dire Straits is associated with VEVO now. I guess that explains how Skateaway is on youtube now. I used to watch it on other sites.
  3. Unfortunately the gig economy has really been hit hard in the last year.
  4. She went by that name in England, must have been a stage name. I don’t know if the video is on YouTube , it wasn’t for a very long time.
  5. A top-3-5 song for me. The roller skater in the video was the daughter of the president of Nigeria. She died pretty young herself.
  6. I am far more likely to pay for a bridge than you with the gas taxes I pay - that money goes to the roads.
  7. The entrepreneurial spirit isn't exactly strong sitting on the couch collecting $650/week, unless you are referring to going to Wal-mart and buying toys to flip on eBay.
  8. You can pay them to do nothing then.
  9. I remember the Meijer stores in Michigan ended up blocking off some sections like arts/crafts because they were deemed non-essential by the state.
  10. I would eliminate the extra money today and most everyone will be looking for a job tomorrow.
  11. Market forces are pushing it to $15/hour and they still can't be filled. Lets pay them $20/hour, just don't complain when the price of goods and services rise because of it.
  12. Sorry, just getting back this now, hectic day. Employers are now competeting with the government for labor. If people are making $2600/month on unemployment in Michigan, why would they work for $10-15/hour? One of the big winners in this is owner-operator truckers. They can basically name their price if you want goods hauled - and that will affect price.
  13. Only if it stays ahead of the price of goods.
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