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  1. I’m serious. I’m in a area that was heavily involved with tool and die and other trades. It’s sad when high schools cut out woodworking and metal trades, they are very important.
  2. I think we can agree that the rich do pay their fair share of taxes. They are also in a better position to take advantage of loopholes.
  3. I have three HVAC business owners in my neighborhood, all started from scratch (outside of trade school). I think they will be ok. Oh, one is advertising starting pay at $30/hour. Maybe I’ll send some liberal arts majors his way.
  4. I have a double degree, I only date supermodels who have a masters. My social life is rather slow these days.
  5. Played Ingram carries over 9.5 -130. A long shot play for Sunday - Fields 2+ TD’s scored 30/1.
  6. MGM ended up offering a buyout (which they didn’t have to do) and he took the $115K. Good pub for them.
  7. I’ll be more active in the thread, would love to drop 50 before my class reunion next summers. Just need a starting point.
  8. Speaking of concerts, why don’t bands use PPV for these bigger shows? People would pay $30 all day to watch Guns and Roses play at Wrigley Field.
  9. https://troypoint.com/nitro-iptv-sued-by-dish-network/
  10. Would have loved to see the last minute Metallica show for $20 at the Metro in Chicago last night. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/metallica-surprise-pop-up-show-metro-chicago-1229660/
  11. Signed up with a service - RealIPTV, think it’s from the UK. Offers almost as much as JC did on the Secret Service. Had no issues on NFL Sunday.
  12. Songs 10 and 9 would be better off in the most influential songs released in 1970. They should be nowhere near the top 100 of 1970. I’ll show my way out the door now.
  13. I’m starting him in my flex next week over Mike Davis in a yardage league.
  14. Picked him up thanks to injuries and started him both games - what is the deal in Cleveland with Donovan Peoples-Jones? Two targets in two games with ODB and Landry out? He was a breakout candidate by many. He’s more like the horse that is still running the next day, long after the race is over.
  15. I may offer him around, sell high in a redraft league. I have little confidence this coaching staff can get the most out of him.
  16. Pigeon Hill is very good, need to get some of that salted caramel porter.
  17. My uncle just had one installed, roughly $12K.
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