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  1. A couple of years back we had a team not address their backup QB until week 7 when their starter was on a bye. By that time there were few starting QBs available. His opponent grabbed the last QB on ww and he tried to scramble to make a trade but couldn't make it happen. He took a donut at QB and a loss. The league was fine with this result since it was the owner's fault for not addressing earlier.
  2. We have a rule designed to prevent such a thing. A BB or FCFS add can't be dropped until the next week. One caveat is the added player can be dropped if the replacement is started that week. The caveat is there to allow teams to fill a starting K or idp spot if one of their starters gets hurt later in the week. I'd highly recommend implementing a rule. Our rules evolved over time. It's difficult to capture every scenario in the rules from the get-go. Since there are no rules to prevent in this case, this is where the commish comes in and has to make a judgement call and I believe he should disallow these transactions as they clearly are not in the spirit of fair competition.
  3. Dynasty PPR: Trade 1: Team A gets Dalvin Cook Team B gets 2019 1st (mid) and James Connor Trade 2: Team C gets Melvin Gordon Team D gets Isaiah Crowell and Calvin Ridley Who won each?
  4. I'd go Yeldon, JAX will run alot. Can't trust Henry yet. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770396-isaiah-crowell-or-james-white-ppr/
  5. Yup, go Stills. Looks like the #1 target for the Tannehill. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770396-isaiah-crowell-or-james-white-ppr/
  6. Agree, definitely go Marvin. We only have a 1 week sample size so go with your highest ranked guy coming into the season. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770396-isaiah-crowell-or-james-white-ppr/
  7. Cook for sure. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770396-isaiah-crowell-or-james-white-ppr/
  8. Agree. Dixon or Snead? Dixon has more upside. I'd cut Snead. He couldn't cut it with Brees, Flacco's not Brees. He's likely a 3rd-4th option on his team at best.
  9. Cutting: Abdullah - possible he gets cut or traded but I think the ship has sailed on him. His upside seems to be a 3rd down back which likely has minimal value. Zay Jones - I don't believe his career so far could be much more disastrous. Buffalo's offense is going to be ranked #32 this year. O-line is a total poop show. Keep for now: Jarwin - has the best chance of being the starter. Blocks well, good hands and a quick release could allow him to gobble up short passes. Josh Allen - in a start 1 QB league, prospects on crappy offenses don't have much value. He's got a high ceiling (and low floor) but he's raw, waiting on him for 3 years while Buffalo gets some pass catchers and fixes their o-line seems likes it's not worth the roster spot. He'll likely be cut from my team by week 4.
  10. 12 team ppr 1/1/2/1 2 flex: 1. Gave: Team A. Burkhead and Tavon Austin for B. Jack Doyle TEs are scarce. 2. C. Brandon Cooks for D. Baldwin D is a contender, C is not.
  11. Thanks for the feedback on this. I was not involved in the trade but it certainly sparked some discussion as to who won in our league. I'd take Cooper, as a top 10 dynasty asset vs. a top 20 + a handcuff, maybe flex. RB value is volatile. It could turn into a deangelo/stewart combo where neither is that valuable. Dynasty PPR, 12 team, 32 man rosters with IDPs, start 1QB/1RB/2WR/2FLEX/1TE/1K/1DE/1DT/3LB/1S/1CB. Team A trades: RB ATL D. Freeman and RB ATL T. Coleman Team B trades: Amari Cooper
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