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  1. Yup. An easy go to that isn’t off the charts expensive.
  2. This is in Florida right…that fact alone makes this less weird.
  3. Why do people insist on discussing Biden in the Trump thread? Shouldn’t the focus be on what Trump is doing now, his plans for the future, updates on his golf game, his mean tweets/press releases, state of the multitude of lawsuits against him, and just general info on how the guys is doing? IMO, all of these Biden updates/criticisms/etc should go in the Biden thread or relevant topic to help push those discussions along. Trump has no say on Afghanistan, covid, infrastructure, the border, etc so this weird focus on the last guy is just odd in comparison to what Biden is/isn’t doing now. But what do I know?
  4. Ok reporting in. Made some reverse seared flank last night with chimchurri. I forgot to buy fresh garlic and oregano so used powders (yes I am an idiot). Also called a little bit of an audible and used italian parsley cause the regular stuff at publix was not good. Also threw in some fresh mint which cut some of the richness a bit. Overall tasty and went well with the flank. Will make again but use fresh garlic/oregano. thanks for the recipe.
  5. Have really been into roasting chickens spatchcock style on the ole recteq lately. Just enough smoke flavor @350 for 1.5-2 hours dependent upon bird size. Cube up the meat for quick lunches during the week…Smoked chicken quesadillas, tacos, and chicken salad sandwiches.
  6. I have a zodiac mx8. It works fine. I turn it on once a week. Pool doesn’t get too much debris in it as we have a pool cage. Just stuff from the flowerbeds (leaves and silt) and residual salt etc from the pool. bought it on sale…originally $525 but $200 off with rebates. I was looking at the dolphin nautilus but this was too good of a deal to pass up.
  7. On history channel now. 🇺🇸
  8. Seemed like you needed to vent. We’re here for you brother.
  9. Agreed. Isn’t part of being a politician’s job to be a relationship manager? Especially with entities that can impact their constituents in a multitude of ways? Seems like a solid approach if everything is on the up and up.
  10. https://www.masterbuilt.com/collections/smokers/products/gravity-series-560-digital-charcoal-grill-smoker $500. Like a pellet grill but with charcoal. Co-worker loves his.
  11. Did you have to pay extra for all of that or did it come with the regular price of admission? Looking for a family summer trip and this sounds amazing!
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