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  1. Good to know on the sear plates. I don’t have a regular grill (was using the sear box on the camp chef) but have a blackstone griddle so will try them both out. Was looking at a smaller infrared grill for searing but not sure the wife wants another cooking tool in the pool area! RT700 being delivered tomorrow!
  2. Right on. I pulled the trigger on the rt700. Thought long and hard about a yoder and almost bought one but had issues (Too many drinks) trying to buy it online so was able to give myself an unintended cooling off period. Didn’t opt for the smokebox yet and instead grabbed the sear grates. I am skeptical but we’ll see how they work.
  3. At CVS right now post-shot (1st). They are getting through folks in pretty good time here. Exciting stuff.
  4. I couldn’t find any open slots at Publix out of the gate this morning but was able to book for the wife and I at CVS. Took 5 minutes and was pretty easy no refreshing necessary. Of course I live in a smaller city so maybe that made a diff? Pfizer doses Friday morning for both of us.
  5. In the market for a new pellet smoker. The ole woodwind is on its last legs but held up through 100s of cooks, being knocked over by the wife, a few raging fires (one where I thought the propane tank connected to the sear station was gonna explode) and 5 brutal Minny winters and 1 wet hot Florida summer. Had my sights set on a Masterbuilt Gravity but the wife nixed that as she doesn’t like charcoal and wants to stay with pellets which is perplexing but whatever. So I said fine but that they other option was more expensive. So thinking rec teq 700 cause the smokebox is extre
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/proud-boys-attend-january-6-dc-rally-incognito-all-black-2021-1%3famp
  7. I suppose so. Webb did that last week and apparently it didn’t hurt him to much.
  8. Yeah that makes sense to me...give the regular season champ a big bag of loot and based upon how well you do in the regular season determines if you get in to said playoffs (and maybe a bye week if you did really well) and then give the playoff champ a bigger bag of loot and a technicolor dreamcoat (vs green jacket) and call it good.
  9. Yeah I guess I am thinking about it in terms of there is a regular season champ and an overall winner of the playoffs and once you make it to the playoffs you can win it all...chip, chair, chance. Either way I am entertained.
  10. I like the fact that the field shrinks but starting at -10 vs +1 is a fairly significant advantage. I like the prospect of anyone being able to win any tourney and this just skews it in an odd way. I guess I am just old fashioned.
  11. He needs dj to choke a few away as he starts at -10. FTR, not a fan of this scoring approach
  12. Over 200 yards with his 8. I can’t even get that with my 3 hybrid. Sheesh.
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