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  1. Not sure if anybody is on TikTok, but lots of videos on there showing the parents in the backyard by a garden area and it looks like a hand comes up through the ground to hand the mother a note. People convinced he's in a bunker below the backyard garden and that's why nobody saw him actually leave the house.
  2. Sounds like Chris Tucker Boys N the Hood edition.
  3. Who is this supporting announcer…Chris Tucker? Painful to listen to.
  4. What was with Big D saying he created the Cookout multiple times? The producers knew too, cuz every time he said it they immediately put the camera on Tiffany with a closeup waiting for a reaction.
  5. A good story? She was a terrible player, overly emotional, constant outbursts and yelling about EVERYTHING and yet thought she was some sort of a main character. It was embarrassing. Ian was a good story. She was a joke.
  6. Thank god this season is over so I no longer have to hear or see Britney anymore. Seriously the most annoying person I can imagine.
  7. Like a laundering scheme? This would really hamper the ability to find him. But he would’ve had to have that ironed out in advance.
  8. Is Bigsby at the top of your wishlist or others more desireable in your eyes?
  9. Or CBS just received tweets about it (or something on social media) enough that they felt they should publicly address it to make sure everyone knows it was officially changed.
  10. WTF was that all about? He rubs food all over his face and then puts it back in the package? Also smelling his used floss. Gross.
  11. Tank Bigsby (RB, Auburn).....true Soph so still 2 yrs away from being eligible, but I'm impressed. Any Auburn homers have opinions on NFL potential?
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