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  1. How would I go about “approaching a brand”?
  2. This just in, hold on to your seats! I made $33.27 on the 1.3 million view video.
  3. It takes a couple days to find out what I’ll get from the 1.2 million vid, but about $200 total before then over the past month. TT doesn’t pay out much really...the money is when companies start asking for product placement and driving follower to YouTube which I now started a page there too. YouTube I guess pays out good of get the following there.
  4. I’m part of the TikTok Marketplace portal where only select influencers are promoted to companies. They contact us to do just what you describe. I’ve only had one contact so far and only offered payment in dog product, so I declined.
  5. Just hit 200K followers. The video I posted yesterday for April Fools has 1,1 million views in 24hrs. 😳
  6. 6 days later +26K followers (now at 160K).
  7. 5 days later +25K followers (now at 134K).
  8. I’m now at 109K (+7K in the last 24 hrs) And Tik Tok just contacted me to apply for the “TikTok Creator Marketplace” which is an exclusive group that Brands can search for matches for selling their products. Ish is starting to get real! https://www.tiktok.com/creators/creator-portal/en-us/getting-paid-to-create/creator-marketplace/
  9. Not complaining. And that will increase as my followers increase. It’s gone up 25K in the past 5 days. Since my last post, I’m now at 102.1K
  10. Maxwell just hit 100K followers a bit ago! Presently at 101.3K as I type this.
  11. I searched for the Dog thread, but of course, just ended up wasting 15 mins. Was going to share, and brag a bit, how my 1yr old Dog is quickly becoming a little TikTok celebrity. 75K new followers over the past 15 days, with fan pages and “dog cults” created by the youngins on the app. TikTik contacted and asked me to be an official “content creator” and now I get paid to create vids and try to increase engagement. Small potatoes now, but if keep growing at this rate, who knows. Right now I only make around $6 per day with present status, but whatever...I’ll take an extra $200
  12. 2019 Lamborghini Aventador. My winter beater.
  13. I did it myself! It wasn’t hard at all... 4 screws. That’s what she said.
  14. Went with the Die Hard Gold with 3 yr warranty. Bruce Willis sold me.
  15. Advanced Auto Parts accepted me in my Under Armor joggers and Jordan Jumpman hoodie. :batterystyle: You guys were all correct! New battery replaced by my butler and it started up right away and humming like a champ! Thanks for dropping the shop knowledge!
  16. Excellent, thanks! And I just found a tutorial video online about replacing a battery....lol, yeah I can do that. Simple. thanks guys
  17. I'm not exactly sure how old the battery is...maybe 3-4 yrs old? If it was the battery, wouldn't a jump start give it some extra juice to just get it going or no? Is it easy to replace the battery....just a couple of nuts I assume to get it out? Then can take it in to a Batteries Plus to get a correct new one?
  18. Any gearheads with some advice? - in Milwaukee and it's bitter cold this week - My car is parked outdoors on driveway, and don't drive too often with working from home. Go to the gym, errands, appts basically. - 2 days ago was going to the gym and went to start and it did the rawr, rawr, rawr normal starting sound but didn't turn over and conked out with all dash icons lighting up. Tried it again and it started up fine. Went to gym for 2 hr workout and came out and started up and drove fine again. - Yesterday go out to start it up and it did the rawr, rawr, rawr and c
  19. all of this is correct.
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