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  1. Ugh. I don't even care about it for domestic sports as I'm tuning into sports for sports but when they did this http://www.espn.com/soccer/fifa-world-cup/story/3562660/fifa-urges-world-cup-broadcasters-to-show-fewer-shots-of-attractive-women I was triggered. I'm guessing they thought if people kept seeing how beautiful Swedish women are or women of every other nationality they figured people might think twice about the open borders transformation of having everyone have the same shade of skin and no distinctive features. That was my paranoid take at least. It is one of the best parts of the world cup, even though the actual tournament is awesome too.
  2. my favorite part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLhEs_KDpMM I forgot about the airplane episode where charlie is trying to drink 107 beers to break wade boggs record, amazing episode. I'm obviously a sucker for comedy revolving around trips for whatever reason.
  3. I was just giving a link to show the Bush charges of soviet connection to Clinton, not to prove anything. Thought this link was funny, I don't know the Reed fellow, never heard of him.
  4. He said the same thing to Chuck Todd during the campaign I thought, that it happened under Obama
  5. Yes I watched that presser live and was amazed at the media reaction right after. You can't hack an offline server, it was based on the email already being out there.
  6. He ran to the left of the field and punished his competition for being bought off prostitutes.
  7. Democrats are pathetic, wait till 2013 to do filibuster reform, don't do nuclear option to get garland in, have filibuster reform not apply to supreme court and then lose election and watch as republicans might do nuclear option as if they couldn't be foreseen. Do I have that right? Democrats are basically paid losers, to give some kind of appearance of opposition to republicans. Merkley and Udall were only dems in favor of strong filibuster reform if I remember correctly. Interesting I think you can get close to even money on donald trump being impeached on some sites but you can also get close to -115 on democratic party winning presidential election in 2020. I don't believe betting yes on impeachment or not completing full term is a good bet but if those are the correct odds, it makes the democratic party bet a good value.
  8. Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS? Yes-140 No+110 +1 BET PROPOSITION Will the US Senate exercise the "Nuclear Option" to confirm Judge Gorsuch? Yes+175 No-250 +1 BET
  9. Not Stein, this lady https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloria_La_Riva If you like Green Party or Libertarian party, I think it's irrelevant if you personally like the candidate, they aren't going to win but you help the party by getting them to 5% and if you are progressive you show democrats that you're a voter who shows up and that your vote could potentially be theirs if they fielded the right candidate, and same to republicans by voting libertarian. I don't agree with mcmullin, he tired to play spoiler for the republican establishment accept he had nothing to lose, in fact he gained from it's publicity, if it was mccain or another republican serving in congress then it would be a little different. You liked Bernie but your vote has been recorded for a goldman sachs and CIA candidate, opposite of what Bernie stands for. Just my stupid and respectful opinion though, as a green I hate people telling others who to vote for.
  10. I never understood why tv shows on cable never had the F word, like would anyone stop watching south park if they had it, it's not a family show. Sometimes it's funnier with bleeps, but you get my point.
  11. haha, I don't if it was obvious to other people or I'm just screwed up in the head but I knew what it was going to be, just didn't know it was going to come from under the seat, thought it might be on top of it.
  12. I see I'm not alone on opinion of last episode. After I watched I told my friend to watch it and it was best of season and top 25 of all time. I didn't want to overstate or over hype it. My favorite episode of all time is where they go on road trip and it's Charlie's first time leaving Philadelphia.
  13. There was a socialist on the ballot in CA you could have voted for.
  14. yes anti R D's promoted Morrell from the CIA endorsement and also Meg Whiteman who called Trump Hitler but wanted to know who Clinton's Vice President was before she endorsed her. They believe Bush, Romney, and Mccain weren't so bad after all, even though they all would have supported TPP, all loved foreign interventions, and may have done a muslim bad but without being stupid enough to call it that. McMullin was just trying to play a spoiler for the Republicans, take away Utah. I wasn't criticizing McMullen I was criticizing the media coverage he received, Why cover a guy who can get 40 electoral college votes and not 270 and not cover the constitution party who could receive 400. The world is filled with brilliant experts in many subjects but they put on tv who ever the establishment likes.
  15. I feel you could say same thing about Clinton, I voted Stein but would have voted Trump over Clinton. half of voters of trump and clinton were voting only against the other candidate. I'm sick of seeing this McMullin guy, CIA/Goldman sach's man, the media just gives coverage to whoever the republican and democratic parties want, on democratic side it was Kzahir Khan, apparently an expert on the constitution with no credentials. McMullin was eligible for 40 electoral votes, the Constitution Party was eligible for 400, I didn't see them on TV once.
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