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  1. Paul screwed himself when he evicted Kevin. Why would you not do everything in your power to take him to the end? Basically guarantees you win the competitions at the end and gives you the choice of sitting next to Kevin who no one would have voted for. I mean he screwed everyone of his allies over, may as well finish the job. Paul may not leave empty handed though, seems Xmas may have developed a crush.
  2. Let me know if any clans looking for a max 11 for this weekend Culd.
  3. Can we start putting this together? 11's is kinda easy with highest weight being Smack, Me, Va, and Lord Ryan all maxed heroes except for a few levels from LR on BK. 10's - Tam, Ani, Jason, Bandits, SMN, Cliff, Black Box - most of these have close to max heroes or 30+ at least. We need 4 more 10's. 9's - no clue on hero levels. Getting enough 9's will be a challenge I think.
  4. I'm down to do this on Friday. Let's make it happen. Not much left to do after maxing everything, but walls.
  5. Thanks for the advice about just gemming the chest times Scott. Has been paying off significantly. Much better than buying chests.
  6. Love the strategy involved in the game. I dropped 50 on it and got the 100k gold, Then a few of the 500 gems chests. Really enjoying the game so far.
  7. I will be pissdd if they take away my queen walks. Not happy at those changes. It's not like it's a face roll attack.
  8. 0-7 on a 9? Lol Why are you warring with scrubs cliff.
  9. I mean TH9 level is awful and has been out for years. No wonder people are bored. How about they upgrade their TH instead of destroying everything with 30/30 heroes.
  10. Are all arranged wars such lightweight? That #3 is basically a th9 with lvl 2 infernos. Nice attack though.
  11. http://youtu.be/rwkQucbaGlo Some more sick walks vs maxed out bases. This Valkyrie girl is a good follow. Lots of videos.
  12. http://youtu.be/v5ah2fbq6HQ Th11 walks by some Asian clan
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