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  1. Paul screwed himself when he evicted Kevin. Why would you not do everything in your power to take him to the end? Basically guarantees you win the competitions at the end and gives you the choice of sitting next to Kevin who no one would have voted for. I mean he screwed everyone of his allies over, may as well finish the job.

    Paul may not leave empty handed though, seems Xmas may have developed a crush.

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  2. On April 27, 2016 at 7:01 AM, culdeus said:

    I made this point on GME.  Don't go nuts.

    Find the very best group of 4-11-15 11-10-9 you can put together by next Friday and hit the button when everyone else does.  

    If you can pull a 4-26 together that's great, but my guess is getting 30 together will be a challenge and I would suggest taking the highest weight highest hero you can find because I'm pretty confident everyone else will too.  

    The only restrictions is no .5 that's not because they aren't allowed it's just that they want people to match easily and .5 are causing matchmaking issues right now.

    Can we start putting this together?

    11's is kinda easy with highest weight being Smack, Me, Va, and Lord Ryan all maxed heroes except for a few levels from LR on BK.

    10's - Tam, Ani, Jason, Bandits, SMN, Cliff, Black Box - most of these have close to max heroes or 30+ at least. We need 4 more 10's.

    9's - no clue on hero levels. Getting enough 9's will be a challenge I think.

  3. 9 hours ago, culdeus said:


    Well, the TH9s are getting bored.  Big wars have the 9s clear with like 8 attacks to spare.  The first few wars that started using this was a disaster for the 9s.  The have completely forgotten how to lure and deal with CCs.  

    I mean TH9 level is awful and has been out for years. No wonder people are bored. How about they upgrade their TH instead of destroying everything with 30/30 heroes. 

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