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  1. Does Bowden get Gilmore now? Trying to decide between him and Connor for my RB2 (or Snell if Connor sits).
  2. Thanks in advance - WHIR! Have Snell too - Connor looks like he might play in a good matchup - guessing Snell gets work too. Giseki, Parker, Grant all ruled out.
  3. Seriously considering playing L. Bowden for my RB2 over Connor or Snell (if Connor out). Puke everywhere.
  4. I don't think you can bench AJ. I'd play him. Please see mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/790983-need-2-pittman-snell-aiyuk-parker-gio/
  5. IMO I'd start Kirk. Ramsey likely to smother Hopkins. Good luck!
  6. Thanks in advance - WHIR. 12 team 0.5 PPR. Need 1 for my WR and 1 for FLEX Right now I have Parker and Pittman in these spots. Tua looks to be starting so not sure Parker is still a go. Pittman hit or miss but great matchup. I have Connor too - but doubt he starts. Thoughts?
  7. Personally I think you have the right order. Davis, Thomas, Crowder. Jeudy/AB toss up for 4th. Marquise would be last for me.
  8. Thanks in advance - Looking for some thoughts on my WR/TE Flex. 12 Team 0.5 PPR league. Currently have Parker in my WR spot (Diggs/Aiyuk bye). Need to decide between Jarvis, M. Williams, or Pittman JR. Hayden Hurst and Hunter Henry also avail on the WW to use in this spot but I rarely go TE. Worried CLE will just run all day. Pittman may have Jaire A. MVS may be decent if adams misses. M. Williams hit or miss but good matchup. Thanks and WHIR!
  9. Need to pick my flex. 0.5 PPR 12 team league. Usually I'd go the RB 9 out of 10 times here - but tough matchup and really TD dependent. Leaning Aiyuk - but no sure. Thanks and WHIR
  10. Soo Bourne out, Kittle out, Pettis cut, who are they going to throw to? Excited but nervous about a Jaire Alexander draping tomorrow night (if the game happens). What are everyone's thoughts?
  11. Yeah sorta leaning toward a pass too. I think I can get by with Diggs and a combo of Aiyuk, Parker, Landry for those 2 spots. Appreciate the response.
  12. Fellas - Here are the positional players on my team - - currently 5-2 (won 5 straight) and in 1st. Not sure I want to disrupt the train. QB: Wilson RB: Henry RB: Connor WR: Diggs WR/TE: Parker (Aiyuk, Landry, Jeffery, H. Henry) Flex: Gio (Mixon) 0.5 PPR 12 team league. Obvious needs are WR - but we only need to start 2 of them - and one position is a WR/TE hybrid. Other team offered Thielen for Mixon - - but he also has Lockett that I could counter. I like starting 3 RB 1/2's. But Lockett may be a better play and just roll with Landry with OBJ out. Thanks!
  13. Yup I did - I have Mixon - and planning on starting him. But right now he's really not a "great" player. Meant Mixon and not Connor twice - my bad.
  14. 0.5 PPR - 12 team league. Play 2 RB, 1 WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 Flex (QB, K, D also). Right now I've got Henry, MIXON, Edelman, Diggs, and Connor in my flex. Tad worried about Diggs matchup vs Ramsey. On bench can play D. Parker, Gesicki, Hunter Henry, Higbee. Tempted to throw a TE in - Parker also seems to have a good matchup. Any thoughts? WHIR
  15. Would anyone dare sit Diggs this week if you had options such as Parker, Gesicki, H. Henry, etc? We have a WR/TE slot. Just worried he'll go 3 for 50 or something.
  16. Will Ramsey shadow Diggs this week? I believe he allowed ZERO receptions this past week (even though there was only 2 passes thrown his way)
  17. 12 team league: 0.5 PPR. 2 RB 1 WR 1WR/TE 1 Flex For RB have: Henry, Mixon, Connor (can play all 3) For WR/TE have: Parker, Diggs, Edelman (few others) Obviously light at WR - would basically just be swapping production of Connor/Hill. Hill owner had Fournette and is light. Thoughts?
  18. Excellent points by all - - - appreciate it!
  19. 12 team 0.5 PPR league. 6 points passing. I am drafting 7th and am keeping D. Henry in the 3rd. Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 QB, 1 K, 1 Def. Notable players already being kept: CMC, Barkley, Zeke, Jacobs, Maholmes, L. Jackson, Drake, Ekeler, Golladay, Godwin. I'd like a RB in the first - and usually my mocks have either Mixon, Chubb, Sanders, avail. Maybe CEH. 2nd Round coming back may have: RB: Connor, DJ, Gordon, Fournette - - maybe Gurley. WR: Allen Robinson, OBJ, Ridley, - - maybe Evans/Cooper. 3rd round I'm keeping Henry - and the WR's in the 4th would usually start with Parker, McLaurin, Woods, - in that range. Is this too weak at WR to consider? Love the possibility of playing 3 starting RB's all getting 20ish carries a game. Or is there a specific WR in the second you would DEFINITELY take if there? Thanks - WHIR.
  20. Hey Sig! Lutz still a good kicker play? Koo, Siebert, Fairbairn available. Also Philly D vs Eli in rain or Houston D vs Lock? thanks!!
  21. I like this trade. Will be interesting to see if Henry goes anywhere next year!
  22. Sorry I missed this - who did you select? Thanks for answering mine - will get your next one.
  23. I'm in a bind - 0.5 PPR. Can play 2 of 3 here. Kelce @ NE (hasn't exactly crushed it against the Patriots) Sutton @ HOU (worried last game was a fluke) Lindsay @ HOU (currently have him benched - but many are saying this is a good week for him). Thanks and will answer yours!
  24. Philly D a play with Eli? I picked up HOU but haven’t really been impressed with them.
  25. Would you bench Lutz? There is an argument to be made that his FG changes actually rise if the offense stalls out - but I could also see SF keeping them from frequent red zone and/or FG distance visits. I have Lutz and obviously tons of kickers on the wire.
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