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  1. Out for TNF: Browns rule out Chubb for his 2nd straight game
  2. It would be between him and Lockett. I guess I just don’t trust Patterson. And cuffs aren’t really over-rated in my league. Deep benches; the best available RB are Jordan Wilkins and Benny snell. If you lose a RB & don’t have a replacement in your bench, you’re in trouble.
  3. Patterson is a tough call for me. Had the chance to acquire him for Pollard. I passed. pollard is depth/insurance for Zeke, and theoretically, Patterson would become my WR2. But I can’t help but think he’ll come back to earth and will cause me a weekly WDIS at WR2 & I’ll lose the Zeke cuff. probably the wrong decision, but I’d imagine I’m not the only ff manager thinking this way.
  4. I did that, but didn’t see all the stat corrections that the OP was referring to and thought I was missing something.
  5. There is no conviction in a civil case; which is significant b/c the burden of proof that you allude to is MUCH lower than in a criminal court.
  6. I don’t know enough about the cap machinations, but why would Chung refuse bonuses?
  7. Jags to sign Hyde. 2 years/$6M https://sleeper.app/topic/170000000000000000/677327030127267840 Seems like a good signing for Robinson. Hyde seems like more of a backup at this stage of his career, AND he isn’t a 3rd-down RB, so Robinson should still get the valuable RB targets as well. Or am I reading too much into it as a Robinson manager?
  8. Did anyone else see T Hill shove a coach (or someone) on the sideline right before they went to commercial?
  9. Will there be a post-season contest this year?
  10. 21 year auction league, 3-keeper (*20-keeper this year; *21-keeper for next year) non-ppr: QB-Hurts during playoffs (started year with Wentz; constantly scrambling). Tua & Mitch on bench RB-Chubb (*20, *21), Zeke (*20), JRob (*21); Hunt, Pollard, Gaskin (started Pollard over Zeke on semis; started Hunt over both Dal RBs in Finals; started Gaskin over JRob in Finals) WR-Adams and ARob(*20, *21); Chark, T Higgins TE-J Cook (Henry all year) PK-Sanders (Nugent bench) D/ST-stream; Ari in finals
  11. Sorry; when I saw split, I interpreted it as even work. Frustratingly, it wasn’t, at least not early on. I’m just glad the Mia coaches eventually went with Gaskin.
  12. They weren’t splitting early. It was Ahmed on early downs & Gaskin on 3rd. It wasn’t until Ahmed was clearly ineffective & Gaskin was dominating that he started getting all the work.
  13. Pollard, Zeke, Hunt or Tee Higgins. Easy choice of Zeke was/is out. But Hunt & Higgins go at 1, so IDK.
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