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  1. There is no conviction in a civil case; which is significant b/c the burden of proof that you allude to is MUCH lower than in a criminal court.
  2. I don’t know enough about the cap machinations, but why would Chung refuse bonuses?
  3. Jags to sign Hyde. 2 years/$6M https://sleeper.app/topic/170000000000000000/677327030127267840 Seems like a good signing for Robinson. Hyde seems like more of a backup at this stage of his career, AND he isn’t a 3rd-down RB, so Robinson should still get the valuable RB targets as well. Or am I reading too much into it as a Robinson manager?
  4. Did anyone else see T Hill shove a coach (or someone) on the sideline right before they went to commercial?
  5. Will there be a post-season contest this year?
  6. 21 year auction league, 3-keeper (*20-keeper this year; *21-keeper for next year) non-ppr: QB-Hurts during playoffs (started year with Wentz; constantly scrambling). Tua & Mitch on bench RB-Chubb (*20, *21), Zeke (*20), JRob (*21); Hunt, Pollard, Gaskin (started Pollard over Zeke on semis; started Hunt over both Dal RBs in Finals; started Gaskin over JRob in Finals) WR-Adams and ARob(*20, *21); Chark, T Higgins TE-J Cook (Henry all year) PK-Sanders (Nugent bench) D/ST-stream; Ari in finals
  7. Sorry; when I saw split, I interpreted it as even work. Frustratingly, it wasn’t, at least not early on. I’m just glad the Mia coaches eventually went with Gaskin.
  8. They weren’t splitting early. It was Ahmed on early downs & Gaskin on 3rd. It wasn’t until Ahmed was clearly ineffective & Gaskin was dominating that he started getting all the work.
  9. Pollard, Zeke, Hunt or Tee Higgins. Easy choice of Zeke was/is out. But Hunt & Higgins go at 1, so IDK.
  10. Not sure what record he’s be chasing. He already has Jags rookie record for rushing and YFS. No chance for overall Jags record, as he’s over 500 yards behind MJD’s team records.
  11. He was “sick” for 2 days before being placed on COVID-reserve list. I’d assume he tested positive. In my situation, I have to decide today as my backup TE plays today. Cant afford to hope he was just a close contact & will be cleared to play.
  12. Gonzalez was put on IR & Nugent was one of Arizona’s protected list, so another team can’t sign him. Looks like he’ll be kicking this week.
  13. Robinson to rest in practice, but wants to play on Sunday. https://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1341750246217576448
  14. So, Henry had been uninspiring. I was an underdog & wanted to try to get as many points as possible, so I picked up Jared Cook & started him over Henry. That genius move is gonna cost me a spot on the championship game🤬
  15. Hope you're right. I need him to win my consolation game next week.
  16. What happened to him at the end of the game last night? He didn't get a touch after his TD, I think. Last Browns' series, Hunt was in the backfield, seemed to get dinged on the first play. He hobbled/limped to the sideline, and they sent in D. Johnson, who got 1 FD, but didn't get the 2nd one needed to kneel out the clock. Why wasn't Chubb in at the end? Did they mention it on the broadcast, post-game interviews/pressers, etc? Anyone know?
  17. According to Dr. Jene's monday injury report, he likely has a HAS. I haven't seen anything reported from the team, however.
  18. With Zeke out, who are we willing to start Pollard over? Over Gallman, Dobbins, Hunt at RB? Over Woods, Jefferson, Hilton at Flex?
  19. This guy was a stud this year. Carried my team to the best record, most points scored, #1 seed, and first round bye. Then he has his worst game of the year (except for the game he got hurt) at the worst time for me. Damn. Live by the sword, die by the sword, I guess.
  20. GRRRRRRR. Trying to decide between Zeke and Hunt as my RB3. If Zeke is out, is Pollard the better play? This is not a problem I thought I'd behaving at the beginning of this season.
  21. I'm not sure how valuable Arizona will be this week. Hurts was sacked 3 times by GB after he came in (and they were already down big, allowing GB to key on the pass). Last week, against NO, he wasn't sacked at all. He's much quicker to run or throw the ball away than Wentz, and that might prevent the matchup against Philly from being such a boon for opposing D/ST. I picked up Arizona and Dallas before week 13, because I had already secured a 1st round bye & liked the idea of having the D facing the Eagles in the two playoff weeks. Now I'm debating between picking up Chicago for this week, instead of Arizona.😒
  22. Tonight? C'mon man! With this crazy season and all the re-scheduled games, I thought I missed something & started to furiously check all my rosters to see if I had any Chargers/Raiders who I needed to get into/out of lineups and to see who had been put on the COVID list to prompt this schedule change. 😨
  23. And when you consider Dallas has only played 12 games, that’s saying something.
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