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  1. This has been posted several times. Trump faces potential state charges that cannot be pardoned away. In the pardon scenario, he might get a pass on Federal issues but he can’t skate on state level charges.
  2. More of the same from Rudy on all the fraud that took place in Michigan. I didn’t take the full 30+ minutes to watch it, but I posted the link because there are so many comments from people buying what he’s selling. I didn’t see any comments in the first bunch that refuted what he was saying. They were all anti-Dems.
  3. I never thought I would type that someone was chasing the Cleveland Browns record of 1-31 over a two year stretch. Yet here we are.
  4. LINK Jenna Ellis tweeted yesterday “If Joe Biden is so confident he won legally and legitimately, why is he so afraid of proving it?” I didn’t realize candidates had to validate that they won elections. How about if she is so confident Biden didn’t win the election, why not provide evidence that he actually lost?
  5. For those interested in keeping logs burning on the fraud fire . . . Rudy with Lou Dobbs discussing that Team Trump will be able to flip the outcome in PA and MI. Trump wondering if he can do an end around to circumvent the election results and rig the Electoral College votes.
  6. Didn’t see this posted yet, but Team Trump actually got a court decision to go their way in PA. LINK Basically, the SOS changed the date to provide proof of identification for certain ballots on her own. The court ruled that some ballots cannot be counted. Not sure how many ballots that effects. I think that will only involve some cured or provisional ballots.
  7. There are lots of ways at looking at numbers. Biden is going to win CA by so many votes that there is a strong possibility that Trump will have a slight advantage across the other 49 states. So IMO the numbers are misleading. Cali is a landslide. But everywhere else? Not so much.
  8. Trump tweeted again tonight that PA and MI did not allow access and that could have impacted hundreds of thousands of votes. He insists those votes shouldn’t count, so he should win.
  9. According to this site that I have never heard of, hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes were changed, altered, or lost through use of the Dominion Voting Systems used in multiple states. LINK I have no idea if there is any validity to the claims laid out, and my knowledge of computer technology is pretty much non existent. So I defer to others in terms of what they were querying and if that actually shows what they allege it shows.
  10. Just to clarify, I am not supporting Trump and in no way, shape, or form do I think he stands a chance at this point. I was only discussing what some of the conservative reporting sites are saying, who they are talking to, and what some of the GOP people or attorneys have said about their legal strategy.
  11. The argument will most likely be that since there is no way to tell what ballots were altered, came in past the deadline, or were covertly added in in the middle of the night that all the mail in ballots counted post Election Day should be tossed. That would be a radical decision which I don’t think they will make, but that seems to be the legal arguments they are preparing to make.
  12. I will look for it again. May have been on one of the conservative sites like OAN, Breitbart, or Newsmax.
  13. Seemingly that they will get tens of thousands of illegal votes discredited through the courts and Trump will win PA. Second choice would be the results in PA are discredited and fall under the contested election provisions and two sets of electors are selected and ultimately neither side gets the 20 electoral votes (or they go to Trump). Or the results in PA are tossed and they have to have another election in PA.
  14. After making the rounds again (TV/websites/Twitter), oddly enough the GOP seems most confident they will win PA. One of their legal arguments is that in-person voters were treated differently than mail in voters. They allege people that had ballot issues were contacted to come in and correct them but in person voters were not. So they are insisting that process of inequality is unconstitutional. They have other assertions that some of the ballots were opened before Election Day and people were called to correct them BEFORE 11/3. They also allege ballots received 11/4 and after were commingled, so there will be tens of thousands of ballots disallowed. They also have other smaller issues with dead people voting and processors being told to add or change dates. But those are mostly to frame that there were multiple illegal things going on. I have no idea if any of those have legs, but the people communicating all that seem pretty confident they will win PA in court. ETA that they also say security measures in person were way stricter than by mail, and that is also not constitutional (or so they allege).
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