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  1. 12 TM dynasty PPR Team A received Devante Parker Frank Gore 2019 4th and 5th rd pick Team B received 2019 1st 2019 1st 2019 2nd 2018 2nd Ted Ginn
  2. I have to assume he catches on somewhere, perhaps somewhere better than with ASmith. Last year was a bust hopefully there's an improvement.
  3. I wonder what specifically has led the league to deny his request. What about his life has he not gotten together?
  4. PPR 1/2/2/1 2 flex gave 2018 1st (middle of pack), Vance McDonald got Devante Parker Desean Jackson
  5. 12 Team Dynasty PPR QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/K/DEF 2XWR/RB FLEX I give: Sammy Watkins, 2.11, 3.5, 2018 2nd I get: 1.6, Mike Gillislee, Rex Burkhead, I give: Kelvin Benjamin 4.1 I get: 1.12, 2018 3rd, Taylor Gabriel, Lafell
  6. 12 team dynasty PPR qb/wr/wr/rb/rb/flex/flex/te/k/df I gave Melvin Gordon I got Jeremy Maclin and 2017 2nd rd pick I had a massive rb surplus and needed a consistent wr option.
  7. I'd love to believe that he is ready to go, hard to believe though
  8. I'm starting him with full confidence this week, low yardage and catch totals but 2 TDS, GRONKSMASH week 3!!!!!
  9. Does anyone else assume the mystery extra violation was that he was tested on memorial day this summer when his vehicle was pulled over and his friend had weed on him and the car smelled. I would be shocked if he wasn't smoking then.
  10. We need some Adam schefter news, something from someone credible. This is too bizarre
  11. Thinking about were the NFL can get the most bang for the buck distractions from this story mon/tues does make the most sense
  12. Michael Salfino ‏@MichaelSalfino 2m Mortensen says again w/out equivocation Gordon SPECIFICALLY will, repeat WILL, be among those immediately reinstated. Progress on deal made. 6:33pm
  13. I've been getting fantasy info and entertainment from the shark pool for over 10 years, this ####### thread is up there in terms of lol comedy.
  14. Rand Getlin ‏@Rand_Getlin 6m NFL player reps will not vote on the new drug policy tonight, according to a league source. Expand
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