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  1. FD- Allen,Tannehill,Diggs,Moss and Ikhine. DK- Bills D,Allen, Tannehill,Knox,Moss,Beasley The most I've won on a $1 or $2 showdown is $15. A couple times I've "won" and got back less than the entry fee- once was like 13 cents, 😆
  2. I used Herbert(RB) and Seals -Jones in all my lineups based on cost and they paid off. Only in the winning lineup did I use the extra money on usefull studs. Too much Adams,Ekler,Herbert,Lamar,Hunt,Kelce,Swift,Williams etc...
  3. 1/7 over both sites but the 1 win was a good one. Came in 17th and cashed for $40 with 190.7 on DK. Dak,Taylor,Herbert,Chase,Lamb,Meyers,Seals-Jones,Zeke,Minn
  4. I'm just cursed this season. Ertz puts up 10.9 on Thursday,gets traded and now I get a zero for him🤔
  5. Hit first 2 teaser legs(Cal,Syra) just need Mich St (+1.5) to cash Have a profit boosted parlay of- Auburn,Ariz St,Texas, Georgia (-21.5) and BC(+3) $2/$85.53 Don't know much about NHL but out $5 on Red Wings and over 5.5
  6. On FD with $10 credit back if it loses . Over 43.5 Brady over 250 Hurts over 200 Fournette TD Bucs (-7.5) +460
  7. Reading this made me realize I had the picks backwards. I offered Robinson and my 2nd for Lamb and his 3rd. If he declined was prepared to offer my 1st.
  8. I don't have the best RB depth left but with only needing 1 to start I should be ok. Have Taylor,Harris(NE),Moss and Singletary.
  9. 12 teams 1RB,3WR,1Flex I traded J Robinson +2nd(late) for Lamb+3rd(early) WR1 is Adams but have been playing matchups and starting 2 of Meyers, Shenault, Pittman,Waddle and Brown(Raiders) and usually get the mix wrong.
  10. Was shocked this morning that I lost my parlay of Colts +7.5 /under 46.5. Went to bed late 3rd qtr score was 22-3. Would've been much angrier if I had watched it happen.
  11. Somehow not in last place(yet) with this roster of under performers and broken or useless guys. I'll be shocked if I win another game now that bye weeks are coming and the wire is pretty barren of help.
  12. Yeah, l listened to that and Single Ladies by Beyonce a time and a half and decided Beyonce was a lot less worse than Aaliyah
  13. We actually got kicked out of a bar last night when my wife went on stage and sang the Tina version with the band. The crowd loved it but apparently the bar manager didn't . He said since she wasn't with the band it was considered karaoke and created some kind of insurance liability.
  14. On my phone the only choices at the bottom without scrolling right were song list a d draft list so didn't realize there were more.
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