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  1. Round 213 Oh Canada I'm going to pass on the rock trio's and other popular choices and go with a song by a band I don't think has been taken in any draft I've been in. Our Lady Peace-Clumsy
  2. When the channel is in my wheelhouse I usually dig a little deeper. For the other categories I go with hits because that's all I know. Categories I know literally nothing about could go either way. I just listen to some stuff that qualifies and pick the first thing I think is good. Could be a hit or a song/band no one's heard before. The setup of this draft forces you to draft deeper than most drafts I've been in. Think I've only taken 1 Metallica,1 Clutch and nothing by Maiden but have drafted 6+ country songs.
  3. Round 211 DWBH Was trying to decide which Stevie song to take and realized this should go on the Be Happy playlist instead. The opening notes let you know something fun is about to happen. Stevie Wonder- Sir Duke
  4. Round 210 Dylan Channel Hmm, for someone who doesn't really like Dylan I sure draft him alot. And they're not even cover versions! Bob Dylan-Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  5. @Eephus They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to you 🎉🎂
  6. Round 209 Dylan Radio Not really a fan of his but love this song so taking it early. Bob Dylan-Tangled up in Blue
  7. Round 208 Jam On Yes I'm doubling up on an artist and album but trying to add 1 pick to each playlist and it's the last chance. Don't know much about jam bands and the ones I do know are represented already . May not technically be known as a jam band but should fit the mix. Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Messin'
  8. The Killers,Kings of Leon and New Order were all new to me that I liked the best.
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