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  1. Did a small parlay just to make it interesting. Heinicke u 300 passing Gibson o 50 rush Rudolph over 10 rec yards Each team under 4.5 TDs Wash o 12.5 pts Wash +5.5
  2. I listened to Kanye's Graduation at work today. Have to say it was better than I expected but still didn't like it much. Most of the music was decent enough but the lyrics and vocals just aren't my jam. I recognized a couple of the songs and liked Good Morning the best. Unfortunately it got progressively worse but I powered through. I will say it's better than all the gangster rap my brothers and friends subject me to when I'm at their place.
  3. Have a list of 4 picks lined up and hoping at least 1 makes it back to me. Probably be about this time tomorrow until I find out.
  4. Its just speculation but was mentioned in the footballguys article Top 10 from week 1
  5. I read it in the Footballguys top 10 from week 1 article. And yes, it's just Twitter speculation at this point.
  6. No surprise that I'm drafting this band but the albums picked probably will. Round5 Metallica Kill 'Em All(1983) ...And Justice For All(1986) I may be the only Metallica fan who prefers both of these over Master of Puppets. Side1 of MoP is their greatest work but side2 is so far behind the other's I drop it to 3rd. @Sinn Fein is up
  7. My first 2 concerts were both Englebert Humperdinck(75 and 76) and the 3rd in 77 was Neil Diamond all with my parents and grandparents. Saw the Stones in 81 with my older cousin and my first solo concert was Iron Maiden in 83.
  8. Other than the fact that Strawberry Fields is their highest ranked Beatles song, this list sucks.
  9. Good luck 🤞 Hope everything goes well and you have a great time! Surprised they will let you leave and then go back in- might want to double check that. Any time you leave a venue here you need a new ticket to get back in even if you agree to literally stand next to the entrance.
  10. This puts me up . Some more semi chalk to close out this band. Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I Presence
  11. Was hoping it'd get back to me before bedtime. Out for the night, can skip if needed
  12. Always liked his humor and it sucks to hear this 😥 Love his Fantastic Four sketch and one about dogs that I saw on cable years ago and never saw again .
  13. Pixies were on my list but thought they might last a few more rounds. Last few drafts I've been the only one taking them.
  14. With Mostert done for the year he will be RB1 or RB2 for the 49ers. Didn't dress this week due to a suspension for curfew violation.
  15. This was my backup plan if Rubber Soul was gone at my 2nd pick. Still considered it last round but passed because I dont like the Yoko tracks.
  16. I got laid off for the winter of 87-88 and decided to go stay with my cousins in California for the winter. We went to a New Years party at a friend of theirs and the whole time the tv/stereo was playing 24 hours of live Dead. That was the first and last time I ever listened to them.
  17. Just finished my first (and 2nd) listen of @krista4's pick of #1Album by Big Star. Never heard of them until a year or so ago in the album draft but never listened to them until now. Based on the name I was expecting some kind of 80's pop band so was surprised to see they were from the 70's. This is a good 70's light rock album! To me, it sounds like a blend of the Beatles and the Byrds- The Beards,lol. Didnt know the 70's show theme song was done by them originally so that was a surprise. The Ballad of El Gaddo sounds like something off All Things Must Pass. An all around good to great album!
  18. 3.9 You knew it was coming and figured these would last longer than the Beatles would. Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast(1982) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son(1988) I'll make and post a playlist later today.
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