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  1. In a standard scoring league (no ppr), is Sermon at #5 ?
  2. Curious to see latest rookie draft...
  3. Yeah I was talking for next season but it was too little too late for this season.
  4. Keeping Taylor and Montgomery = 2021 League winner !
  5. NFL Update @MySportsUpdate · 2m #Ravens RBs Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins are the two players to test positive out of Baltimore, per @MikeGarafolo. They are out for Thursday night vs. Pittsburgh.
  6. Why would he leave the Bears to go to the Jets ??
  7. Joe Mixon Update Account @Ben_Baby · 6m Bengals coach Zac Taylor said RB Joe Mixon is doubtful for Sunday's game. Held out of practice today for precautionary reasons.
  8. 2 years in a row I get pick 1.2 in rookie draft....guess who I've draft ??
  9. He won't be able to play this week because of the Covid rule. So that leave Breida for more carries.
  10. Vic Tafur @VicTafur · 2m NFL believes Trent Brown, who tested positive, wasn't consistently wearing his tracking device, and has video of the starting offensive linemen hanging out without masks, according to @TomPelissero .
  11. Am I crazy for making a bid on him ? I already have L.Jackson but I've offered a third round pick for him. The other owner already have D.Watson.
  12. I've offered Barkley and D.Montgomery for Thomas and Herbert in a 4keepers league. Owner is still undecided....
  13. Who's starting Claypool and over whom ? I'm starting him over Marquise Brown (ppr league).
  14. I'm sending an offer to last place M.Thomas owner: Barkley and D.Montgomery for M.Thomas and J Herbert
  15. From Matt Waldman: https://twitter.com/MattWaldman/status/1313161732190334977?s=20 https://twitter.com/MattWaldman/status/1313162700910923777?s=20 https://twitter.com/MattWaldman/status/1313166249640296464?s=20 https://twitter.com/MattWaldman/status/1313167416407490562?s=20 https://twitter.com/MattWaldman/status/1313167913617154048?s=20
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