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  1. One of my nieces just got denied a job in marketing because they don’t have enough experience post graduation. How is that fair to tell them take on unpaid work at the expense of missing bills etc?
  2. Gee thanks I was just curious if there were stores
  3. Are there any board game groups in the triangle area?
  4. Update: I bought a refurbished one shot camera for $50.
  5. Anyone use a Polaroid one shot? I am feeling nostalgic to use one. How are the newer models?
  6. Does Joe Biden think everyone attends Yale or Harvard comes from a rich family?
  7. Joe Biden: I will not cancel 50K in student loans Me: so guys tell me about investing in Bitcoin
  8. gosh darn TAN is getting hit hard What's the cause?
  9. Thanks for the insight fellas i cannot wait to move away from Boston
  10. Make sure to take photos of your son kayaking for the rowing squad.
  11. Is it possible to file bankruptcy on your student loans and have all debt forgiven?
  12. Where do you guys go shopping for groceries? How easy is finding a doctor?
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