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  1. Assuming college football is played this fall I think I may end up rooting for Tennessee. The locals I met there were very nice when I went to watch Oregon play there 10 years ago.
  2. I do think the B1G and P12 were too quick to cancel. I am very worried about losing recruits and possibly even coaches to other conferences. This year has sucked royally.
  3. Agreed, top draft picks will sit out for sure. Reduced schedule makes sense.
  4. They may attempt to play in the Fall but I don't believe they finish.
  5. Better chance of spring season for Pac 12 than fall season for SEC/ACC/BIG12
  6. Well we know for 100% certainty there were unlawful rioters who vandalized government property and were hostile towards law enforcement in Portland. I believe GM and Urbanhack that there were peaceful protesters there too. Until Moops can show Opie is lying this is moot.
  7. Agreed. It is mind boggling and terrifying that Americans might make a horrific mistake and elect Biden.
  8. the use if tear gas being used has already been debunked I figured you would have seen it in here.
  9. It is starting to become very obvious that there is going to be a civil war when Trump is reelected in November. Who better to have as our President when that happens than Trump? He will not put up with it once reelected and the rioters and thugs will be quieted very quickly.
  10. Sorry, there is no defending Cuomo here as he is disgusting saying it is ok to be violent at protests. Despicable. Only on CNN.
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