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  1. Reaching into the car for a possible weapon defying police orders is completely stupid and officers I believe have authority to shoot
  2. Serious question. Has body camera video been released? The only video I saw was him resisting arrest and walking to his car and reaching into his car. Hardly a public execution. If he just complied with officers he would have been just fine. There are videos of situations like this where the guy takes a gun out of car and shoots police officers. Tough situation for cops to be in.
  3. Looks like the West will have 3 of the 4 series tied at 2 after 4 games. Good stuff!
  4. Understood. I have no idea of your finances but investing over 5% in a penny stock is way too risky for my tastes. That being said, I own some shares and like to follow this thread for updates. Big thanks to Chet as well.
  5. You consider someone who invested over $100k into a penny stock that he knew nothing about as one of the most sensible investors in CYDY? I mean, thank God it worked out but it could have gone to zero very easily.
  6. Has anyone seen FantasyCurse42 and Don Hutson together in the same room? They both have pretty high opinions of themselves.
  7. Not a good day. Got a call from paramedics that my mother in law died in her sleep last night. Wife is understandably not doing well. Even though her test was negative I think it was a false negative because she had many symptoms of COVID. Was told they will test again to confirm cause of death.
  8. Agreed. Da admitted she is a racist and it apparently doesn't matter because she is black.
  9. We all know Trump will attack Biden if he wins. At least Trump has been a great President. Obama was a terrible President but seemed like a nice guy. Now we see he is not a nice guy but a liar who spied on Trump's campaign. Obama was the most corrupt President in history.
  10. Well, I have always said he seems like a nice guy that I would enjoy having a beer with. His policies and actions as President were awful. However, it is kind of an unwritten rule to not attack the person in the white house that follows you. By lying he ironically is doing exactly what he is accusing Trump of doing.
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