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  1. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/shazam-sequel-works-original-screenwriter-1200279
  2. I've been trading options for several years. Selling defined risk puts/calls and some iron condors/strangles are my main strategies. I've learned a ton from these guys. They have created their own network that runs throughout the entire trading day. Plus, they have their own trading platform which has next to $0 commissions on options. If you ever decide to open an account you could use my referral link to help a fellow FBG.
  3. Daughter started playing on an 8u softball team. She loved it and we enjoyed watching her play nearly every weekend during the summer. She turned 16 and didn't want to play anymore. Said she didn't have any fun anymore and wanted to spend more time with her friends. At times I feel like like we wasted her summers.
  4. Kind of fitting that yesterday was the first time Nebraska and Michigan State played each other since the accident taking the lives of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler and all of the points scored were from kicks.
  5. Not sure if this will work coming from facebook, but it's publicly shared. https://www.facebook.com/FarrelltronGraphics/videos/1036358926388042/?pnref=story
  6. Haven't read this entire thread yet, but I'll jump right in. Started weight loss with 24 day challenge at 240.2 on Jan 4th and am currently at 218.4. Portion control, several nights of basketball officiating, along with Spark/Catalyst have helped a ton. Will read to see where everyone is at.
  7. our walmart had 15 of the Vizio 60in tvs...they sold them all at 8pm (not at 10pm like the ad said)...people, including myself, were pissed
  8. lol....that vizio was listed at $999 about a minute ago...i refreshed and it showed $688, but all were claimed and the waitlist was full.
  9. Going to be hard to beat all of the Walmart employees to the "front" of the line
  10. i hear you can make some pretty good music by closing the cover...at least that's what the commercials keep showing us? No real "uses" just cover clicks...nice
  11. Yeah contrary to the theories in the last couple of pages of the thread, this was the chalk and most logical - an East/West Split:East: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, Penn State, Maryland, RutgersWest: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Minnesota, NebraskaFrom an Illini standpoint, I'm more excited to be in this division as I find that I generally dislike them more. It feels like a more natural fit.-QGyeah, because Wisconsin is east of Michigan.
  12. If it ends up being Syracuse, that bottom portion is absolutely loaded in hoops.no divisions in hoops
  13. Probably makes it that much easier for OSU to make it to a BCS game...they'll end up moving Wisconsin to the Legends side Michigan Michigan State Nebraska Northwestern Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Ohio State Penn State Purdue Indiana Illinois Maryland Rutgers/Syracuse
  14. Verizon? I think you can pay the full unsubsidized price. ATT lets you keep your unlimited plan.correct, i have verizon. No ATT service in my location.
  15. Any ways around losing my unlimited data plan? Went to pick up my phone and was told I would lose my data plan with the upgrade. I heard something about upgrading another phone on my plan and doing a switcheroo, but alas I only have one phone on my plan.
  16. decided i'd better get "on the list" at Walmart to have a chance at receiving one tomorrow (if I decide to actually go the iphone route)... they said i'd have to buy the $25 gift card voucher and they'd put my name on the list...then when the phones come in they call down the list. i asked to see how far down the list i'd be....they replied "you're the only one on the list"
  17. IP5 or SIII?? my old BB finally died. Either will be quite an upgrade and I don't really know what either provides.
  18. I agree with what your saying expect having stop losses. I'd have "mental" stop losses, but I'd never enter one with your broker. There is too much risk for my liking. All it takes is a institutional trader error and all HFT's pull their bids, you're stopped out, and the market corrects itself with you on the sideline.
  19. After the shot on 16. Peter Kostis: Does that remind you of anybody? Gary McCord: One guy...that guy (with the camera on Tiger) sums it up
  20. spanier was the Chancellor at the U of Nebraska from 1991-1995...he then went on to Penn State:smallworld:
  21. I think there's only more unnecessary scrutiny if Paterno and McQueary are still employed. If they fire them, and anyone else known, I don't think they have any unnecessary scrutiny involved in their games. If they're fired, I think the crowd Saturday, and even the road games, is a supportive crowd. If they aren't fired, it could be a disaster. The school/authorities/whomever have the chance to do the right thing NOW for both moral and PR reasons. The quicker they handle this the better. They are going to give Paterno this last HOME game. No possible way they take this show on the road. If they let him "coach" this game, it will be his last. Damn I hate being a Husker fan right now. I don't want anything to do with this game and am considering not even watching it. It is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. How many of the ticket requests are from people that just want to be part of the circus? I was thinking this as well. This isn't going away and every press conference before, during, and after the game is going to bring it up. There will be no discussion of football each week this continues.
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