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  1. This seems like it'd be fine if the result of Abbott's decision was that people who are vaccinated won't wear a mask and people who are not will wear a mask. But in reality a lot of people who are not vaccinated will not wear a mask. And I believe that puts others at greater risk than if those folks wore a mask.
  2. I liked the Strike Back quite a bit with ... those two dudes (Stonebreaker or something?). They did a reboot like a year or two ago. I didn't care for that one.
  3. For those who like Warrior, Banshee is now available on HBO Max. I think its some of the same people that did Warrior. And its dope as ####.
  4. Did they get rid of Pepe Le Pew? Because that dude was a rapist.
  5. They played great and kicked Michigan's ### last night Great win.
  6. 🤢 (Didn't there used to be a bag over the head emoji?)
  7. I don't think the bold is correct. Art reflects the time in which it was made. Surely we are sophisticated enough to understand that. Do you think Huck Finn should be removed or changed?
  8. I'm a fan of her music but she needs to lighten up a little. Not take herself so seriously.
  9. I'm a big fan of The Big Kahuna. I never saw the play its based on - but it apparently is based on a play. And makes sense because it is entirely in one room (basically).
  10. Watched a couple of more classics last night. Streetcar Named Desire - This just wasn't for me. I get that there was great acting and it was really influential in that it made a star out of Brando. I just didn't like it. Kind of reminds me of Gone with the Wind that way. They may be good or great movies - they just aren't for me. The story just didn't click. Paris, Texas - This, however, did click. Very much. The direction was awesome - I don't know how to describe it correctly, but the camera work where the director would hold the camera and let the action move around
  11. Right now, DSJ is the starter and has been playing well enough to get solid minutes. But who plays more in any particular game really depends on who is playing better. Honestly - it’s been close so far. I’m not sure you can pick between them. May want to look into the contract status. Lee is on a 2 way so - he has a limited number of games he can play, right? With the way the two have been playing, if Wright gets back before the deadline, I think they will try to trade him. They want to play the kids and they want to lose. But if he’s back and healthy, I’m sure he’s the one to have. And L
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