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  1. I really didn't think we'd ever see a Tiger team worse than 2003. But, five years into a rebuild, here we are.
  2. Well I figured it was from LOTR but I don't know those movies at all. So didn't know if it was from one specifically.
  3. I got 5 of them. That may be a record for me.
  4. Just finished season 2 of this show. Good lord it is bleak. Like nothing good ever happens. Ever. I mean - its outstanding. The acting is terrific. And at least once per episode the director will have a camera shot that I just marvel at. But man its depressing. And every damn time I think she's getting out, they suck her back in. The closing credits for season 2 had June giving this half wicked smile while "Burning Down the House" played. So hopefully she kicks ### in season 3.
  5. The fact that they become more violent in prison does not reflect well on our prison system.
  6. I like letting these old guys make the picks. They are funny.
  7. What is important to you in an area besides school job and warm weather? Do you like suburbs or more of a rural setting? Do you want to be close to a big city? What do you hate about big cities? Does a beach matter? What about mountains or outdoors stuff? Lakes? Wineries? Good restaurants? I think all of these things are important to finding the right place.
  8. There is minimal (but not zero) risk to vaccinated people. And a very real risk to other non-vaccinated people.
  9. This is sort of silly. 1) The exact opposite could be said of folks who are ok with this law. 2) There's a difference between letting a business require a vaccine passport and letting businesses discriminate based on race. Non-vaccinated people are a health risk to others in the place of business. Black people are not.
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