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  1. I don't know about this professor's hypothesis. I just want to push back a bit when people say "many degrees are worthless" or college is a scam or whatever. College is about much more than job training. Its about learning. And becoming a well-rounded, productive, thinking member of society. Majoring in the arts, for example, helps you do that. A lot. And I get that arts degrees or social science or whatever may not have the greatest ROI. And certainly students on low means should absolutely consider that when majoring. Tuition has increased drastically in the last couple of decades. But if you can afford it, college is a wonderful place to learn about more than just what electron you'll be plotting (or whatever) for the next 50 years.
  2. Hes terrible. But for some reason, it took me until last night to figure out why I thought Adrian Martinez has been there forever. It’s because I was combining his time with Taylor Martinez. A school shouldn’t be allowed to have two single digit number QBs who can run but not throw and have the same last name.
  3. 1) What would you classify a member of The Squad as? How about Bernie? 2) What makes someone a RINO?
  4. I don't really understand this post. Maybe I am misunderstanding. But the GOP is in the process of purging anyone who disagrees with Trump. And the Dems have lots of disagreements. I think AOC, for example, said that the only country in which she and Joe Biden would be in the same party is the US.
  5. BREAKING: President Joe Biden's envoy to Haiti resigns, citing the "inhumane" deportation of Haitian migrants from the southern border, U.S. officials say. Daniel Foote was appointed to the position in July. -- Good for him.
  6. Ridiculously terrible intentional grounding call. But whatever.
  7. Beto definitely has the best chance of any Democrat in Texas. The problem is - he's a Democrat in Texas.
  8. So what's the problem with Ridley?
  9. Beto getting in I'm in the bag for Beto completely. But he's realistically got little chance of winning. BUT - I will say its interesting. I don't think Abbott's hard turn to the right is going to help him overall. And he's getting primaried from the right. That person (Allen West) is attacking Abbott that he isn't far right enough. Now, West has no chance, but he could bloody Abbott for the general. Finally - the wildcard. Will Matthew McConaughey get in? My understanding is that he is fairly serious and would run as a moderate Republican.
  10. I'm sure its been discussed but that 4th and 2 fade that Auburn called was a ridiculously terrible call.
  11. I suspect its too soon - only his second season - but FSU is down 14-7. If he goes to 0-3, is it possible you have the USC, Miami, and FSU jobs all open this year?
  12. I think GF3 is a little underrated. Yes it pales in comparison to the first two. And Sophia is a terrible actor. But the movie overall is fine. People just hate it so much because they are comparing it to the first two.
  13. DO NOT use their arbitration. Get a lawyer. Send them a demand letter. File suit. ETA: Insurance companies are highly regulated. That means to sue them, you likely have to follow the right process. But it also often means they violate the State's insurance code all the time and get be liable for extra damages.
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