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  1. This seems so obvious, nobody should have to say it. Stop deriding Liz Cheney.
  2. "Length" when describing the height of an NFL prospect. This is dumb. "Concept" when describing an offensive or defensive strategy, or a type of restaurant. This isn't inherently dumb, but it's way overused.
  3. An essay favoring the combination of free markets with robust welfare benefits: https://symposium.substack.com/p/the-case-for-a-free-market-welfare
  4. Yeah, that's like six times as expensive as Colgate or Oral-B or whatever.
  5. I completely wore out my red and blue cassette tapes as a kid. I agree that it was crazy to leave If I Fell off of red.
  6. One of the best purchases I ever made was a box of many hundreds of pens that I got for around $15. They were rejects that didn't pass quality control because the custom printing on them was blurred or smudged or misspelled or whatever. They're all different colors and shapes and sizes of ball-point pens, and they write just fine. It's just that the "Joe's Hardware, Inc." (etc.) isn't perfectly clear. I got them about 10 years ago. I haven't purchased any other pens since then. And I still have about half the box left. It's perfect because I had always lost pens very quickly. I don't know
  7. "Not totally insane" isn't the low bar that you think it is. It is a rare and virtuous triumph, IMO.
  8. "Dems" shouldn't have anything to do with charging decisions. The DOJ attorneys, whatever their party affiliations, should be acting without regard to political gamesmanship.
  9. There's a scene in (500) Days of Summer when Joseph Gordon-Levitt attends a party and has a lousy time. There's a split screen, with the left half showing what he hoped would happen and the right half showing what actually happened. What actually happened could have been perfectly enjoyable if it didn't have to compete against his quixotic expectations. That scene stuck with me, and your quote captures its substance..
  10. From the article: "In terms of expectations for a good life, lagom encourages contentment with life’s bare necessities. If you already have those, you have nothing to complain about. Ergo, you are happy." There's a lot of truth in that. Not wanting something is as good as having it.
  11. The concensus best player on the board at the concensus biggest team need. Like Derwin James in that respect.
  12. Most people I see complaining about wokeness are on the left, not the right. (I'm sure there are people on the right complaining about it too, but I don't watch Fox News.) And they don't use emojis.
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