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  1. Yep, weird place to end. I enjoyed the movie, but I think I would have been lost if I hadn't read the book. I also suspect that this movie will be a lot better, retroactively, when paired with the next one. This one was visually stunning, but its story was all setup. It doesn't really stand on its own. It needs the forthcoming payoff.
  2. YouTubeTV with the HBO Max add-on didn't work. Good thing it was a free trial or I'd be kind of upset. (Without the free trial, it's $69/mo for YouTubeTV plus $15/mo for the HBO Max add-on.) I got this to work through the HBO Max app directly, so I'm all set to watch it tonight.
  3. I added it to my library and all I could do was click "record" and it said I could watch it when it becomes available.
  4. I signed up for a free trial at YahooTV and included a free trial with HBO Max. Dune shows up with a search, but it's not available yet to watch. (I'd read that it would be available today at 6 pm.) Kicks rock.
  5. This is what political discussions used to sound like a decade ago before everything became dumb. https://youtu.be/XxuiqeuyUyw Kudos to both Ben Shapiro and Ana Kasparian for sticking to substantive topics.
  6. You left out the first-year head coach who already appears to be coach-of-the-year material.
  7. Good essay by Jeff Maurer here: Facebook Isn't the Problem; Facebook Is the Software the Problem Currently Uses I agree with his take.
  8. This is a worthwhile clip, IMO: https://youtu.be/D-4qBsTkqT4 (Sorry, I'm too lazy to describe it.)
  9. There is no formal legal definition of "social media" that I know of. Certainly these forums are an example of something that the government is not permitted to censor. (But it can ban child pornography here and other forms of non-protected speech.)
  10. In the overall marketplace, I think it's good for different platforms to have different moderation policies. The ones with the better moderation policies will hopefully gain marketshare at the expense of the ones with worse moderation policies. Personally, I'm more likely to visit platforms that limit trolling and propaganda and the intentional spread of misinformation. Other people with different preferences might want to spend time on GAB. It's good if both choices are offered, IMO.
  11. They have probably officially kicked Jimmy Dore out now as well. He is anti-mandate. Bill Maher is starting to look sus. Jimmy Dore is the most annoying human being on the planet. (No offense to him -- somebody has to hold that title.) Russell Brand and Bill Maher are important voices, entertainingly articulating valid positions. The people on the left who ignore them (or try to suppress them) do so in serious error, IMO.
  12. We can tell them that with our clicks. The problem is that we're telling them the opposite because it's not true. We do like the amplification of crap.
  13. Yes, this is why it's a difficult issue. Amplifying speech is itself a form of speech, and we might not want the government telling people what kind of speech they're allowed to amplify even if it were constitutionally permissible. I approve of two mutually contradictory principles: 1. Spreading and amplifying stupid conspiracy theories and other harmful misinformation is bad, and it'd be nice if we could make people stop. 2. Freedom of speech is good, and the government shouldn't abridge it. I'm really against stupid conspiracy theories, but I think principle #2 is the more important one if I had to choose. The issue isn't black-and-white, though, because both of those principles have fuzzy edges. Not all misinformation is protected speech; and not all restrictions on speech amount to unconstitutional censorship. Maybe it's possible to regulate algorithms prone to amplifying misinformation? I don't know -- it's complicated, it will depend on the details, and I haven't spent enough time studying the issue to have a worthwhile opinion about it.
  14. Left-wing shows didn't silence him; they stopped inviting him on their shows. (He's not silenced since he still goes on right-wing shows.) I think it's lame that right-wing entertainment shows on news channels* refuse to bring on guests who lean left, and left-wing entertainment shows on news channels refuse to bring on guests who lean right. They're responding to their audiences' preferences, I suppose. Left-leaning viewers like having MSNBC as their safe space, and right-leaning viewers like having Fox. It's regrettable, but I don't know what to do about it: it's just an upshot of capitalism. I'd much prefer a world with more cross-over, less people sealing themselves off in bubbles. The point remains, though, that Greenwald is currently part of the right-wing ecosystem, not part of the left-wing ecosystem. Describing him as a member of the left is very much like describing Alan Dershowitz as a member of the left: it's years out of date. __________ *Actual news shows don't have guests, I don't think.
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