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  1. Woody Allen has been canceled, so can we talk about him in here? I read his newest book a while ago. He spends a chapter explaining why the sexual abuse charges are malarky. He was pretty persuasive. I haven't watched any of the current HBO mini-series. I haven't read whatever the strongest anti-Allen argument that's been published is. I looked at the Wikipedia entry for the abuse allegations thinking that maybe there'd be stuff that contradicted Allen's book or otherwise added important new information that would change my mind, but there wasn't. I don't believe that Dylan
  2. For most of the past four years, I've subscribed to both the New York Times and the Washington Post. (And to The Atlantic, but I don't really consider that to be news, for the most part.) As part of a general effort to read more things with staying power (e.g., books) rather than things that won't matter so much a month later, I've unsubscribed from both newspapers recently. The New York Times is hard to unsubscribe from. For that reason alone, I will never subscribe to them again. If you can sign up via their webpage, you should be able to cancel a subscription via their webpage. Yo
  3. Update: House Cancels Thursday Session After Security Agencies Cite Risk of New Violence
  4. On the whole, I vote for the original version, fwiw.
  5. I'm not sure this is a good argument against a wealth tax. Right. @Sand mentioned money velocity above. From that standpoint, maybe forcing people to sell off some of their assets every year would be a good thing.
  6. If we're talking just about consumption, I think it's pretty much exactly a zero-sum game. If I consume something until it's used up, you can't also consume it (maybe with a small allowance for recycling?). If we add production to the mix, I agree that it's not zero sum. If I consume only what I produce, my existence as a whole doesn't reduce anyone else's consumption. But if we take my production for granted, my decision to buy and use a yacht does trade off against my ability to donate those same funds to a homeless shelter. What I do with those funds determines how certain limited
  7. I don't think any wealthy folks legally pay only $750 (except in weird years where they realize losses). Tax evasion is another issue, but it'd probably be harder to police with a wealth tax than with an income tax.
  8. I think a wealth tax is a good idea compared to not having any taxes, or compared to funding the government entirely through tariffs and excise taxes (which may have been the original plan). But I think it's a bad idea to the extent that it trades off against a reasonably executed income tax or consumption tax.
  9. What is the next targeted day after March 4? Maybe April 15?
  10. As with consumption, expenditures of political capital involve trade-offs. Consider poverty relief. It will require government spending. We could either (a) divert funds from other programs, (b) increase deficits, or (c) raise taxes. Diverting funds from other programs is usually politically impossible. Let's say that macroeconomists tell us that bigger deficits are a bad idea right now. So we need to increase tax revenues. But we have only so much political capital to expend on raising taxes. My view is that increasing income taxes will both lead to better outcomes than en
  11. I had envisioned my first post acknowledging the good arguments against capitalism. I.e., I'd try to make the case against capitalism as well as I can, but sticking only to arguments I believe to be valid. If you feel like making a case for capitalism under similar constraints, that might be a fun way to begin. Subsequently, I'd make the case for capitalism and you could make the case against. But that could lead to longish posts. Alternatively, I could just provide a bare-bones outline of what I think are good and bad arguments for and against capitalism, and anyone who respond
  12. Sunday I'll start a thread about that. I meant to type someday, but I'll let autocorrect set my calendar.
  13. I think poverty and the concentration of political power are both bad things that we should try to reduce. Which one is more important to reduce at any given time and place will depend on the circumstances. I don't think a wealth tax is an ideal way to reduce either one.
  14. Either they didn't have the votes for the minimum wage hike or they didn't have the votes for nuking the filibuster. (Or both.)
  15. Which means that other non-yacht stuff won't get built. Resources are finite, so everything's a tradeoff.
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