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  1. anything over the middle would seem to suit his speed.
  2. if one is smart enough, rich enough or whatever, to apply to a prestigious school, that is hard to get into, one would assume they are smart and rich enough or whatever, to apply to other hard to get into schools. to my plebian eye, this looks like nyu holding baby fish hostage while they decide if she's worthy, or if fish's bank account is big enough. so if they say no, then what? WSU?
  3. my survival item for naked and afraid is a pair of air jordans i got some cry cry feet
  4. saved us all some taxes and screwed his bookie. that's a win for all of us.
  5. of course mayock isn't going anywhere this year. i like mayock. i want him to stay and see what he does, without the albatross around his neck. that being said, i'm not overly confident anyone will be back next year. except maybe bradley. we'll see. historically, this damn eagles game, is one that they would utterly blow. man! i hope they come out hot.
  6. imho, nassib simply not wanting to answer all the stupid questions, that were sure to be lobbed his way, was reason enough to not want to come in. and he's not going to act the fool, if he was ecstatic with the resignation. he seems too smart for that. even if he felt that way. and these guys are pros. some are smarter than others and will keep their mouths shut. others will spill the beans. it's been a week. give it some time. i'm sure more will surface. good and bad. the bolded made me laugh. your unbridled optimism, often makes me wonder what you're smoking. and that i need some!!
  7. wowzers. what did the cops say? did you get anything in writing from them? so you brought the materials back, with the cops, correct? did you give them the check? did you film the exchange? might want to start. this is unreal
  8. i realize that i'm in the "be careful what you wish for" position. to me, gruden was a joke. the way it went down wasn't the best, but he gone now. i'll bet we keep seeing more and more players speak up about what a clown gruden was, now that the 100M dollar man is gone. they can speak freely. all of his histrionics on the sidelines, dropping F bomb after F bomb, had to get old. quick. it will be interesting if mayock ever reveals what happened on draft days. mayock is a pro, so probably not. but if he gets canned at the end of the season, i could see some truth coming out.
  9. gruden's departure was the best thing that could have happened to this franchise.
  10. can't stand the astros. mlb can't be happy with this round of the playoffs. cheaters-atl is a pretty bad WS matchup
  11. Just colossally bad. Did genie just decide to let the idol stay in the tree? That had to be edited out, right? Right!!??
  12. It was a contested catch that the wr won. By the time they wrestled on the ground the DB had the ball. Pretty clear catch. Good d though.
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