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  1. @[icon] might want to kill that Facebook link. Hate to see you get a time out. Don’t want to lose our entertainment. Dumb, I know.
  2. This is way. Much like making positive goals about food, this is the right attitude about injury. If you’re legitimately injured*, be kind to yourself. Get better, and get then get after it. No mental mind ####. This becomes more important as we age. Because, sadly.....injuries are more common. *while not injured, you’re out of commission. Congrats.
  3. I’m not being clear. I was surprised that incognito was cut right after Jackson. Like you said, they now NEED an OL Jackson definitely made sense from a money stand point.
  4. My holy crap, was more surprise after Jackson being let go. I thought incognito should have been first to go, other than gruden’s crush on him.
  5. Holy crap. Incognito, gone. Gruden was a big fan of his, maybe it’s a sign that Gruden is listening to mayock and others. One can hope Another indicator that they are going OL, with the 1st pick. 😬
  6. I never said Carr sucks. I don’t love gruden’s offense, especially situationally. when it matters most. Gruden does not have a history of good draft picks. I give you that the offense isn’t the problem. Never said it was.
  7. i'm saying gruden has never been the architect of a winning team. seems pretty clear to me. there was an "IF" in their. and i give credit for his winning teams to allen, davis and dungy. his approach as a coach back then, worked. west coast offense was still pretty fresh. i don't think either are overly effective now. especially his stupid chucky approach. "knock on wood, if you're with me" and if you wanna go, just say the word bruh...
  8. was really hoping for a dr strange appearance. nice tie in at the end though. the dark hold is the book from AoS, correct? where did white vision go? did i miss that? and interesting that wanda has some of the mind stone in her. i wonder how literal that is supposed to be.
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