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  1. Hard to maneuver? Barely able to leave their house? What are you talking about? Wear a mask and no indoor dining are the biggest restrictions currently in place in CA. Some counties still haven’t opened up school. I live in south Orange County, very republican . our schools have been open in a modified fashion, since August. After the 1st few months, Most people have simply continued to live their lives, as normally as possible. most people ignore the stay at home orders . Costco is packed for example. Vaccinations are currently available for front line workers(a nebulou
  2. Not according to MOP. he’s got that #### on lockdown. Im in CA. Zero chance of my being eligible for at least a month or two. It’s ridiculous how they are rolling this out. Makes me wish I could get the MOP hook up.
  3. Loved it! 2nd time there. I’ll be back. And keep me in mind if you need another skier, for the heli skiing. I will most likely be going solo.
  4. I’ve never been, but hear good things about eldora
  5. Still digesting. How powerful was Agnes in the comics? not understanding Wanda’s version of vision yet. How does it/he have any power at all?
  6. 🤣🤣. My sister has lived on St. John, usvi for 30+ years. They have a VERY common ground spider. F’ers are huge. Look just like that. Good times.
  7. Mariota now has the 3rd highest base salary on the team. Carr brown mariota joyner (his signing bonus, puts him just above mariota)
  8. Verizon used to offer a bulk package for overseas travel. Is that discontinued?
  9. Awesome day at DV today. Free demo of the new black ops ski, from rossignol. FUN SKI! Still finding some stashes of powder from last week. Gotta love deer valley.
  10. Looks awesome! Im chilling in park city. Other end of the spectrum. Have a blast!
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