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  1. boom!!! raiders and donkeys on top of the division. pundits don't know squat. aawtfdik
  2. You’re correct of course. But the bolded, is the issue. media bias drives me bonkers. Reason number 47295021 why I don’t watch the news much.
  3. WOW. team looked pretty damn good. the utter lack of a run game was concerning. more injuries. leavitt still can't tackle. but the D looks SOOOOOOOOO much better. if they don't miss a couple tackles(leavitt), pitt would have been lucky to get 10 points. got some crow in the oven. can't wait to eat it!! RRRRAAAAAIIIIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEERRRRRSSSSSS!!!!!!!
  4. nice start. baby hands putting the ball on the ground. hate that. 1 wr target so far.
  5. Caribbean. Way closer. Pick one with no Covid entry requirements.
  6. gonna be gnarly this week. hopefully, no more injuries. maybe carr will involve the wrs a little earlier in the game. and tricksy gruden is hyping up barber, not drake. when asked about the opportunity for drake, gruden talked about how they're excited about the opportunity for barber, and they really like barber.
  7. biggest issue is her car. he left her somewhere. whether alive or dead, he left her somewhere.
  8. it's in the miranda statement. "Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."
  9. it might be a core issue. maybe focus on tightening your abs a bit, as you run. not crazy clenched or anything. just tighter. and stretch before and after.
  10. PSL holders are really looking to gouge people. Wait till game day and you’ll get a good price.
  11. Probably. But I’m no Vegas insider. This was the first time in 18 years, that I’ve been to Vegas. We took 2 cab rides from the hotel. Cabs are cheap and instantly available out front. Way easier than uber. We ubered back from dinner. Normal process. They change various roads to be one way and closed the hacienda st bridge over the fwy on game day. It seemed like a giant pia to drive to the stadium. We had the cab drop us at Mandalay Bay and walked over the bridge.
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