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  1. I think I may need a break from this place again. This virus stuff has brought politics into the main page again and it sucks.
  2. Again, it’s slightly more deadly than the flu at this point. Take a deep breath. Old people and the flu is a horrible combination. Kills thousands every year. Yet we’ve never cancelled sports because of that.
  3. If they cancel the tournament, I’m declaring UC the national champs and flaunting it in your face that Mick was overrated.
  4. Unless you are 70+ and/or have another illness, the mortality rate is slightly higher than the flu.
  5. When you told me to step away from Brietbart. Or were you just concerned I was doing to much reading and that was just a random news site you said? I’m sure you didn’t realize the connotation. That’s my bad.
  6. You just have to keep digging, don’t you? Your opinion is the only acceptable one or the other person is a right wing nut. Duly noted. Just remember, as in the past, I’m the one being cordial.
  7. First off, we can disagree. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we have to hate each other. Second, it’s well documented on this site that I’m an Independent who has voted Democrat way more than I’ve ever voted Republican. I do find it funny that over my 15 years on this site, both sides have accused me of being far left or far right. My advice to you, GB, is don’t resort to name calling and political attacks the first second someone has a different view than you. At this point, there is no right answer. You can have your opinion and I can have mine. And that’s fine. Let’s just enjoy basketball and bask in the glory that my opinion is slightly more right than yours, most likely.
  8. I understand that. I look forward to doing this every flu season. You know, for everyone’s safety.
  9. They just said it starts tomorrow. I’m guessing it looks the same tomorrow as it does tonight.
  10. Is the Southland tourney starting no fans tonight or tomorrow? Watching the game and I honestly can’t tell.
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