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  1. Check with the rental companies. I think you can pick equipment up the night before and only pay 1 day rental if you return it by the end of the day.
  2. It depends on how far you plan to hike. I have done top down (about 15 miles) 5 times. I wouldn't ever consider doing the hike without the shoes or some type of stick. The grip and warmth of the shoes and the balance and exploration of the stick are all essential. If you are planning a few hours of hiking from the bottom up you can get away without renting shoes but it may be less comfortable. I've hike with people who didn't get the shoes and they are always way behind the rest of the group. Like The Man with No Name said, stepping between rocks rather than on top of rocks is key. You wi
  3. That may be a lot of ground to cover over that time period. It depends on if Sun - Thur includes your flying days, what time of year you are going, and what you plan to do. You could easily spend 2-3 days just at Zion if you want to. There are plenty of hikes and things to check out. Add Byrce and Cedar Breaks and you can have a real full itinerary without spending all your time in the car. If you don't really plan on hiking or spending time in anyone place you could conceivable go to Arches. I would take HWY 12 through Escalante if you go that route. Lots of cool landscapes to see.
  4. From a distance perspective Trinidad looks right. But you way want to consider staying further north, maybe Crescent City. Then you can use the day driving to Richardson to hit some of the Redwood National Park sites. It will make for a longer day but there are some great hikes. I was there last summer and would recommend these shorter hikes for a day where you're driving to set up camp at Richardson: Lady Bird Johnson Grove - Just north of Orick. Easy walk, wide well maintained trail. Lots of big trees to see Fern Canyon @ Gold Bluffs Beach - It is a rough rode down there
  5. In west coast news.... https://www.micechat.com/279966-breaking-news-disneyland-annual-pass-program-ending/
  6. We were really gumming up the Stock thread so..........
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