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  1. So after driving the school bus into a virtual ditch, the state has decided that we have to be back in person. My state has been locked down pretty much the whole time. Teachers were on a priority list to be vaccinated, but suddenly they reversed that, cancelled our appointments and ordered our return to school. Unfortunately, return in person is optional for students. They can opt to stay online or come in for hybrid. Hybrid is only two days a week, sitting in the same classroom all day, six feet apart, masked, and attending all their classes virtually. Teachers will be supervising a pod
  2. Also interested in the answer. Answers in threads here devoted to this topic run the gamut. Looking for real solid advise. Send them to me, I'll get them changed for you. Send you what now? The house, the kids, and the wife.
  3. Richard_the_Vampire all up in this profile.

  4. My dog's name is Mario. In the dream he watched "Gone With the Wind" with you on TV.

  5. Just had an awesome dream about you and my dog.

  6. Happy new year, snuggles!

  7. You can have as many as you like. I'll always be your first.

  8. I'm thinking about adding more friends to my friends list on here. Do I have your permission?

  9. Hi, Cappy. I still can't believe you just refuse to talk to me. It's kind of crazy, don't you think? I mean, we were friends, and suddenly you just won't say a word to me?

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