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  1. A mobile home is like a car... it only loses value over time. Not only that, everything in it is made with the lightest weight materials. Things are going to fall apart, rot, and break. It's not a long-term investment, it's cheap housing. Sell, sell, sell.
  2. So after driving the school bus into a virtual ditch, the state has decided that we have to be back in person. My state has been locked down pretty much the whole time. Teachers were on a priority list to be vaccinated, but suddenly they reversed that, cancelled our appointments and ordered our return to school. Unfortunately, return in person is optional for students. They can opt to stay online or come in for hybrid. Hybrid is only two days a week, sitting in the same classroom all day, six feet apart, masked, and attending all their classes virtually. Teachers will be supervising a pod of students all day while teaching all classes online. I estimate that about 25% of my students even want to return in person at this point since the fear mongering has been high. As far as learning goes, some is happening, but it's as hit and miss as their internet connections in this rural, agricultural valley. Mainly I'm trying to keep my students connected and to feel valued. My students are scattered. I have about a third in Mexico, a few in California, Arizona, and even one in the Bronx. As long as we're online, I guess it doesn't really matter. This year has sucked for education, sucked for my students, sucked for me, and sucked the joy of teaching right out of my soul. For the first time, I'm considering walking away.
  3. They are 75 minutes. I'm trying to build in some breaks and some work time because they can't get much done during a video class. It's too distracting.
  4. I've been teaching online for 8 weeks now. The video sessions 5 hours a day is draining. I put in way more time with meetings, planning, grading, parent contacts than before. My stress level is through the roof. I feel like I'm on the clock all day. I try to keep class time light, supportive, upbeat, interesting to try and keep students engaged. I've scaled back my curriculum and reconfigured my grading practices. It's just never enough. I feel like if this is the new norm, I'm pretty much done.
  5. My classroom windows do not open....AT ALL. I've contemplated what to throw through the windows in case of an active shooter because there is only the one exit.
  6. This is the beginning of week two online for me. The earliest we'll return in person for hybrid is October. I spent all last week mainly setting routines, breaking ice, and developing community. I'm working from home teaching barefoot in shorts and a tee. I could get used to this.
  7. I think half were because they were looking for cheaper options, with a more "rigorous" curriculum... ? I believe they ordered something, but it hasn't come in yet, we haven't been trained yet, but we're ALREADY starting! I'm still investigating the other. I think the new curriculum and instruction director is a finger in the pie bargain shopper. We're adopting next year. Who can say? I would be stressed out, but I just can't anymore. I think I'm writing my own textbooks this year.
  8. So my school is launching online learning, video classes on a schedule, together with attendance starting Monday for two months. In October, if the Governor doesn't extend this lock down further, we'll begin the split-personality phase, also known as Hybrid Learning. We aren't allowed to use any physical books for the Online Learning, and no shared resources for Hybrid Learning. Somehow in their infinite wisdom, the district let all my online digital resource subscriptions lapse, so I have basically no textbooks for four different preps. I'm just laughing at this point.
  9. Yesterday, our governor announced that high schools will not start the in-person hybrid until at least October 5. My district is going ahead with online August 3, following the exact same schedule we'll be using for hybrid, minus the "Acceleration/Intervention" (i.e. babysitting) between arrival and instruction. I feel sorry for parents who have to work and have to find supervision for their kids, but am glad we're starting online only as opposed to juggling both.
  10. They are my own personal appliances in my own classroom that no one else is supposed to enter. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Honestly, I would much rather be back in the classroom full-time. That isn't an option. My district is starting online. We can teach from home or school, but if we are at school, we have to stay isolated in our classrooms and make sure we do not congregate or go to the office or especially eat with colleagues. Somewhere down the line, at the whim discretion of the governor, we will move to hybrid (Group A: Mon., Tues.; Group B: Thurs, Fri.; All online when not in school). This plan stresses me out. I'm very comfortable with digital tools, Google Classroom, the entire G-Suite, project-based learning. I've been doing it for the last three years. But juggling an online class while engaging in-class students simultaneously seems like a logistic headache. My district has purchased two face masks per staff member, gloves, face shields, and cleaning supplies. No one is allowed at school on Wednesdays, to allow for aggressive cleaning. They are prohibiting us from using microwaves and personal refrigerators...I still don't quite understand that. I feel anxious and off-balance, and did I mention stressed? Teachers can request all online teaching, but they are not guaranteed a position. I miss the good ol' days. 😟
  12. My district informed us that we will be 100% online for at least the first two weeks. After that depends on the covid 19 rates.
  13. I teach high school. My district is giving parents a choice, online or hybrid (2 days/week in school). Of those who bothered to answer the survey, parents were 50% online, 50% hybrid. Students online will have to attend video lessons with attendance taken. Some teachers will be exclusively teaching online. Hybrid students and teachers will wear masks and sit 6 feet apart (yeah right). Teachers will somehow magically synchronously teach in-class students and the hybrid at-home students, all while wearing a mask. I'll believe when I actually accomplish it.
  14. First talk to the union rep. Then talk to your district Human Resource director about the timeline. There should be an extension due to the test being unavailable. I don't think you would qualify during the summer, since your contract probably specifies that you are paid over 12 months, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
  15. Can you elaborate? I'm not sure what you're saying here.
  16. I just wanted a safe place to express my thoughts. I'm on a teacher board that shames, silences, labels and ejects anyone who dares to say anything that isn't the "mantra". Thank you for allowing a discussion.
  17. There isn't always a distinguishable difference. For example, what seems like a routine traffic stop can end in the murder of the officer. I agree with everyone who says who would want the job. It's routinely boring, suddenly violent, and you have to instantly know how to react.
  18. And who do you send when there is gang violence, rape, murder, home invasion, armed robbery, a mass shooter? It seems to me that maybe there is a need for a higher level of education minimum requirement, more training, and more mental/stress evaluation of each candidate, which would result in a higher salary and more funding.
  19. I'm just going by every paper turned in by my students.
  20. If you go by the norms of the masses, then there is one, or no, space after a period. The word "I" is also no longer capitalized.
  21. My district decided pass/fail would be too problematic. So it was decided that the grade through Q3 would be the lowest possible grade students could earn, even if they didn't turn in any work for Q4. This quarter will be used to provide plenty of feedback, to keep students engaged, and to give students the opportunity to raise their grades. Students with no access to internet are being mailed thumb drives with their modules. All of the students in my school (9-12) already had one-to-one devices. I had been using blended learning for the past three years, so it hasn't been that dramatic of a change for my students. It looks like my district is already trouble shooting a remote fall launch.
  22. How about Some Good News? I just love John Krasinski more after each episode. 🥰 It's awesome how he highlights the people who are bringing sunshine to others. Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1 🌎 Zoom Surprise: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 2 🎵 Baseball is Back: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 3 ⚾ Prom 2020: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 4 👩‍🚀 SGN Potluck: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 5 🍔 Graduation 2020: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 6 🎓 The Office Cast Reunites for Zoom Wedding: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 7 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Some Good News with John Krasinski: The SGN Community Episode! Ep.8 🗞️ SGN Merch
  23. The Croods 🔥 How to Train Your Dragon 🐲 Ice Age 🐘
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