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  1. I haven’t read the whole thread, actually haven’t read much of it... but I’d be happy to send you some bottles of picks my bourbon club has done. We typically pick 6+ barrels/year and have some folks in the group with great palates
  2. Now that the "Who's Hottest" threads are gone, I feel safe to come back
  3. only 2 people that would give me a welcome like that and you were the other choice missed texting you... maybe I've have to rectify that tomorrow over lunch
  4. 'sup buddy... been super busy at work and just had a big symposium wrap up today, so rewarding myself with a liquid dinner
  5. what if it is that dude that did that to catch a predator show. that would be funny in a sort of way
  6. I was actually just posting that so i can go back later and edit it to the correct answer, but now you went and ruined it by quoting me. Thanks
  7. [icon]By definition, moonshine is illegal, so they are contradicting themselves[/icon]
  8. Happy America Day people. Haven't been around much recently, so thoprawishes to those that need it and congrats to those it applies to and thopragrats for those in the middle.
  9. No. Especially not the new crap that is made in Oregon. The old stuff was really good, but has gotten ridiculously expensive and isn't worth it. The in between stuff was good and has gotten way overpriced because of how good the old stuff was. The new stuff is garbage, I'd rather drink tap water in Flint
  10. Shoot me a PM and based on what you're looking for, I can give you some good recommendation
  11. Bourbon uses new oak barrels while Scotch typically is aged in used bourbon barrels. I'm assuming this has an impact on aging because the bourbon has already pulled so much out of the wood.
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