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  1. I have a feeling some of the people defending him don't realize he kisses his wife fully masked "Return to normalcy"
  2. Whitmer getting a JFK Courage award for risking her own health and safety to protect others during Covid. LINK
  3. If anyone is more upset about what we call illegal immigrants or about posters reactions, than they are about the actual conditions at the border or about Biden's utter lack of leadership, then you might have your priorities backwards.
  4. My main problem is with the ridiculous justification for it. They're making law abiding citizens less safe in order to make prisons more safe. Not to sound like a broken but once again the left has it backwards.
  5. At first maybe. But after a while they catch on. We've seen them literally openly march and demonstrate for their "rights".
  6. You missed: it's fun to pretend like you don't understand common figures of speech like "get in line" or "cut in line" to deflect from not having an actual argument on the issue.
  7. Most are here legally. There are also some Mexican immigrants here legally who harbor a measure of resentment towards those who bypassed the legal process they followed themselves.
  8. Completely agree - but this guy wasn't fighting for our beaches.
  9. Thought for sure this was gonna be a Kasich thread.
  10. I think there are a LOT of people in this boat.
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