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  1. when I export the player pool, it looks like the names are formated First and then last. Unfortunatly when i alphabetize them it only lets me do it by the first name.Anyone else here have a file list I can use?
  2. I am supplying player sheets for our live draft for people to track the players. is there any way to prnt out the cheatsheets without the values and alphabetically?
  3. I'm watching this now. It's a compilation of a bunch of clips under different categories: - best sybian ride - most disgusting sybian ride - shocking moments - celebrity interviews - best lesbo kiss - breakdowns - wackpack - etc. It is very nice seeing these uncensored...except for Richard's penis and some of the "females" on the sybian. I'm surprised that some of the clips are from the K-Rock days. Artie's heroin revelation is also included...sad. Overall it's the same as the E! show except with the nudity and language. I doubt I would pay a monthly fee. But all Stern fans should check out the preview. Actually seeing the Gary tape was very funny, even after hearing so many times. I contacted my cable company (comcast scums) because it wont let me order the 1 cent preview. after being on hold with them for 20 minutes they decided tghe only way you can receive the one cent preview isa if you are a monthly or weekly subscriber already
  4. ive done a few mocks in the last few days and it is always suggesting gates in the 2nd round.
  5. im in a cbs standard scoring redraft league. i am planning on using DD as a draft guide for the first time this year. I have pick #11. any tweaks or advice for a DD guppy?
  6. how do the others know all of their names, especially sawyers, who very few of the losties even know by real name?
  7. and what is the deal with ecko cutting off his little beard pig tails?
  8. Cuz the name of the show is Lost not Plane Crash great, theory completely debunked. i underestimated the intellect of the thread There actually have been rumors floated about that there would be an episode from the perspective of those off of the island who have loved ones on the island. Don't know if that will ever happen though. maybe the writers/producers will change the name of the show that week for shadyridr.....
  9. Cuz the name of the show is Lost not Plane Crash great, theory completely debunked. i underestimated the intellect of the thread
  10. reguarding the theory of the plane crash being a stage event: Why has there not even been a small amount of any of the episodes that show a present day search occuring or newspaper article about the crash, or grieving relatives?
  11. Results so far Here are the results so far: (and if you missed the first half, you have less than 24 hours to go out and find a SIRIUS Satellite Radio and get it hooked up) 1. I cheated on my wife and she caught me... THE FANS: Gary 22.90% Scott 21.45% Fred 20.70% VINNIE: SAL And the revelation belongs to: SCOTT 2. I once hid in a bathroom closet and pleasured myself when my family members went to the bathroom... THE FANS Sal 29.11% Benjy 12.52% Richard 11.00% VINNIE: BENJY And the revelation belongs to: SAL 3. In the last year, I got a girl pregnant and had to pay for her abortion... THE FANS: Jason 33.72% Benjy 22.54% Artie 13.36% (Richard 4.35%) VINNIE: SAL And the revelation belongs to: RICHARD 4. I think I'm addicted to porn - I jerk off twice a day and prefer to masturbate than have real sex... THE FANS: Richard 25.07% Sal 20.86% JD 13.78% (Jason 9.73%) VINNIE: RICHARD And the revelation belongs to: JASON 5. I have spent well over $10,000 on internet porn... THE FANS: Richard 40.78% Sal 11.09% Howard 10.11% (JD 9.94%) VINNIE: ARTIE (although he did say he almost picked JD) And the revelation belongs to: JD TUNE IN TO HOWARD 100 TOMORROW MORNING TO HEAR THE REST - SO FAR HOWARD, ROBIN, FRED, ARTIE AND BENJY HAVE NOT HAD THEIR SECRETS REVEALD. 6. My buddy and I once ordered massage girls to our hotel room, but they ripped us off and we were left staring at each other in our underwear... THE FANS: Artie 24.02% JD 15.08% Jason 15.28% VINNIE: And the revelation belongs to: 7. I have pleasured myself with meat and vegetables... THE FANS: Robin 29.17% Richard 21.48% Benjy 14.55% VINNIE: And the revelation belongs to: 8. I have a half-sister I've never met and don't want to... THE FANS: Fred 31.44% Robin 26.91% Scott 7.60% VINNIE: And the revelation belongs to: 9. I've had cosmetic surgery... THE FANS: Howard 39.74% Robin 22.49% Fred 10.46% VINNIE: And the revelation belongs to: 10. A guy once blew his load on my chest... THE FANS: Benjy 28.88% Richard 18.56% Robin 16.85% VINNIE: And the revelation belongs to: 11. I once had my stomach pumped for alcohol poisoning and when I woke up in the hospital, an acquaintance of the same sex was fondling my genitals... THE FANS: Artie 43.18% Fred 13.65% Benjy 7.07% VINNIE: And the revelation belongs to:
  12. the first episode really seems to be showing the Dr's weird tatto on his arm alot indirectly. any screen caps of that?
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