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  1. I'd imagine the businesses he's going to spend the money at are happy that he got 5800 to spend....
  2. I'm not sure that Biden's mental capacity is something that Trump supporters should be crowing about. Trump lost to the guy.
  3. If he had any courage he would have done it IMMEDIATELY!....instead of waiting until Wed.
  4. Aside from their Song of the South situation, I'm fine with the label that Disney puts in front of some of their movies. It doesn't sensor them....but at least lets the viewer know that past Disney projects might have not taken the highest road in regards to perpetuating stereotypes. On an aside to that, one night after The Mandalorian.....we put on Lady and the Tramp to revisit the Siamese Cats. Man, those were some stereotypical cats. Way worse than I remembered as a kid.
  5. As I've delved deeper into American History and have been exposed to the manner in which familial wealth and opportunity were denied from Black families.....I'm one that has grown a bit more receptive to listening to the idea of reparations. That being said, I don't know how one would go about bringing it about in a meaningful way. I don't really think a simple check cuts it.
  6. Go to the Fabric Store. Get a few yards of theatre screen caliber fabric for about 5.99 a yard. Get a 50.00 collapsable pavillion/tent from the local store. Go to the Home Depot at a get 6-10 foot wood rod for about 20.00. Go to the Walmart and get some of those fancy shower curtain holder circle things for about 7.99. Put it all together...Bingo, Bango, Bongo......movie. YWIA.
  7. Pretty much. Let him run. It will be fun watching him and his giant ego try to make a horse race of it.
  8. LIBERATE MICHIGAN!!!!! Come on. Even the most ardent Trump supporter can't deny that his political motivations often supersceded what was right. Trump had every chance to mitigate political rhetoric for safety...and he chose not to. In doing that, he emboldened supporters to embrace 'FREEEEEDOOOOOMMMMMM!" over health. In the end, it cost him the election. If he had taken a tact of " this might cost me re-election......but I don't care. We're going to beat this thing". He'd have won with 300+ EVs.
  9. FIrst they came for Aunt Jemima and I did nothing........
  10. That's pretty much political cheerleading these days. Cuomo should obviously be investigated and if found guilty received no quarter from his polticial allies. If you were one of the ones who complained about him back in April....congratulations; you're probably going to be vindicated.
  11. Trump at least threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans. You'd think that a guy who wants to be POTUS one day would realize that being on the ground; being with people who just suffered a horrible disaster....even if its to glad hand and hand out blankets is a better optic than fleeing to go sun yourself on a beach away from the problem.
  12. The Texan who fled. I thought Texans stood their ground?
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