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  1. My 11 year old son is bigger than alot of grown ### women ( 5'6'- 135 lbs). My wife wanted to sneak him in to get vaccinated in the past few months which I didn't agree to. We're going to get him vaccinated now that it will be available for his age group.
  2. Antonio Gibson. Took him in the mid 2nd....and he's usually the kind of RB I don't like taking (2nd or 3rd year guy who had a nice season kind of out of nowhere....but now is being annointed as an RB2) but I heard people mention him as The Christian McCaffery of the WFT. I kind of feel like I'm going to get Kevan Barlow'd by him.
  3. Laundrie's got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan, he speaks a dozen languages, knows every local custom, he'll blend in, disappear, you'll never see him again. With any luck, he's got another girlfriend already.
  4. Centrism does not equate into equal love for both Parties in our political spectrum. Core, basic socio-political tenants ...not Party love is what you need to focus on.
  5. I get it. You're not a Centrist. You're a fringe Right Trumplican. That's cool. The REALITY in this country though is that most of us are Centrists who do prefer the center. You do you, Boo......but know that it's the Center that put Trump in his place in 2020....and it will be the Center that will put AOC in place if she ever rises out of her spot in the House. We only wish that you would do the same to the MTGs and other Trump disciples that have sprung up in the past 4 years. We don't have much faith that you will.....so you until you do, our political calibration has shifted a little to the Left. My advice to you...get away from the "OMGZ!!!!.THESE TRUMP BOAT RALLIES ARE THE REALLL AMERICANS!!!" circles you run in....and get out amongst the Center. If you had any intellectual honesty in your body....once you did that...you'd quickly realize how clueless your political beliefs in the Trump era have been.
  6. If only we could get the Trumplicans to feel the same way about their fringe....then maybe us Centrists in this country could actually get back to governing and living like adults.
  7. Staley and Villenueva were getting destroyed last week, IIRC, PFF had them the 64th and 65th worst performing tackles in Week One. If BAL is going to mitigate poor T play.....they're going to have to shed past expectations and dink and dunk to mitigate any O Line ineffectiveness. Averaging 5 catches is too much for their O over the course of a ful season......but I could see them throwing alot more to the RBS (Freeman and Bell are historically good catching RBs, Williams is supposed to be a good catching RB and Murray can do it with a modicum of effectiveness) in the next few games to help right their ship. Heck, with Brown ailing and Batemen out...it's not like they have a plethora of talent at the WR position to throw to right now anyway.
  8. Nah...it'd be more like " I can't believe Republicans seriously nominated Majorie Taylor Greene and her "Attack the Moon To Destroy The Jewish Space Laser" agenda". I wish we could go back to "raking the forest", "ingesting bleach" and "buying Greenland".
  9. If trends continue downard with the Republican Party, Democrats will probably be looking back with less harsh eyes at Trump in 20 years.
  10. Does a shortage of nurses excuse ignoring procedure/requirements for being a nurse? I wouldn't think it would.
  11. Bell's style doesn't jibe with BAL. Murrays and Williams do. I'm assuming Bell can still catch the ball so I'm giving him some credit here. I'm assuming he's also still excellent on blocking/picking up the blitz. Williams and Murray on 1st and 2nd down and short yardage. Bell and Murray on 3rd and long obvious passing plays.
  12. Probably, I don't think the MCU movies will reference these stories...except maybe in a passing conversation about the multiverse between characters (something like "there's even rumors of a zombie timeline"). Although there were reports of them being interested in a Marvel Zombies live action movie.....
  13. If I wasn't following procedure..sure. It's not that difficult. On a personal level though...I'm not upset that nurses who aren't interested in doing this are being given the boot. There will be others.
  14. Meh. Better to get people like this out of these professions than to allow them to stay.
  15. What If is MCU canon. With Loki and the new Dr. Strange bringing the multiverse into the MCU fold....technically all of these things have happened in the MCU; although who know if the mutliverse meta storyline will still exist once these Phases of the MCU franchise are over.
  16. Genuinely interested...what is the system in place to prevent the POTUS from making a colossal mistake?
  17. If the league didn't think Bell was washed up....why was he out there? Was there instances where Bell told an interested team "Nah...I'm good" when they came looking for him? Murray is a bit different and I think he'll be the one who makes more of an impact.
  18. Williams didn't blow that last pickup. To me, Villeneuva missed his assignment and Williams did whatever he could to get in front of the guy.
  19. The idea that Miley thought his boss was unhinged enough that he felt worried about the future of the human race is a point lost by Trump supporters. I get that Trump supporters (not saying you) just want to make this about Miley's end around and complete lack of respect for the chain of command. To that, I'm not comfortable enough to condemn Miley without hearing more about this perceived unhinged state of Trump.
  20. Exactly. If we're to believe (and it seems the Trump media and their supporters do, as they are gathering the pitchforks and torches) this story....some specificity on Trumps mental state and why Miley did this would go a long way in cementing his historical role in this. If Miley had definitive accounts (maybe corroborated by someone else in Trumps Inner Circle) that Trump was in fact behaving irrationally....should we condemn him for what he did?
  21. I guess NOW Trump supporters are trusting books about Trump? I thought these were all hogwash? If true, MIley shouldn't be in the military anymore.....although I do think if a General did this to Biden, Trump supporters would be jumping out of windows to meet this guy and shake his hand. That being said, this was one of Trump's handpicked guys, he doesn't really have a political motivation to embarass or undercut the President; I'd like to hear more from this Inner Circle member as to exactly what he saw/heard/felt that made him think Trump wasn't fit.
  22. I'll admit that I didn't really "get" the pronoun thing....but I've had discussions with younger people who use it (particularly trans-gender who use a pronoun you wouldn't associate with them at first look) and I've come to the conclusion that why do I need to deny them what they choose to call themselves? How does that put me out? If I call a guy named Michael "Mikey" and he says he prefers to be called "Michael"...I don't say "OK Mikey". That's just a #### move.
  23. Even less important than Hollywood Award shows are people who gripe about Hollywood Award shows who don't REALLY care about Hollywood Award shows.
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