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  1. I am working that weekend or I would go with you. That opportunity doesn't come along very often in Cleveland
  2. Stefanski AP Coach of the year. Seems like we may have finally found a good one.
  3. What makes you think the BIlls are going to be playing the Chiefs any time soon? 😁
  4. The thing that I find unusual is that the Browns control their own destiny. Win and we are in the playoffs. Usually if there is even a remote chance, 17 different things have to happen for us to have a chance. It was good that the Dolphins and Raiders lost yesterday, but if we can beat the Giants, Jets and split the other two, we have 12 wins and are in for sure.
  5. Any reason the haven't put him on the IR? Clogging up a roster spot in dynasty
  6. I've had a small vornado for over 25 years. Works great. Had a problem once and they sent me a new one no questions asked.
  7. I checked and it is a 2001 with the gold border. Not numbered. Graded by CTA, not even sure if they grade cards any longer
  8. I will check when I get home today. Been a long time since I went through my cards, but this one should be near the top.
  9. I have a 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Nolan Ryan Autograph that graded a 10 gem mint. I see ungraded selling for $150 or so. Have no idea what the value might be.
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