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  1. QB - Drew Brees - NO - $38 QB - Patrick Mahomes - KC - $36 QB - Russell Wilson - SEA - $26 RB - Alvin Kamara - NO - $29 RB - Sony Michel - NE - $12 RB - Travis Homer - SEA - $9 WR - Michael Thomas - NO - $34 WR - Kenny Stills - HOU - $10 WR - TreQuan Smith - NO - $9 WR - Mecole Hardman - KC - $8 WR - Demarcus Robinson - KC - $4 WR - Marquez Valdes-Scantling - GB - $2 TE - Travis Kelce - KC - $22 TE - Jordan Akins - HOU - $5 TE - Matt LaCosse - NE - $4 TE - Tyler Conklin - MIN - $2 Other tough part is picking the right teams that advance, but the wrong players (Allen/Singelary/Hausuka) having good games.
  2. This always surprises me as the mix of entrants should be inteligent FF players given they paid for a subscription service. Can't wait to see the rosters in here once the competition closes. Good luck everyone!
  3. Only slightly biased here, but what a switch ball on the second goal from Carleton. Wow.
  4. 2 could be improved it you eliminate the penalty taker from touching the ball first off a save/post. I think it's brutal when a keeper makes the save only for the taker to nudge the ball home. That seems like such a penalty for making a great save. Important to note my son is a keeper, so I'm slightly biased. Otherwise, I agree with @El Floppo
  5. Team wasn't strong last night. Brek and Barco had rough nights until Pity and Gressel entered. Josef was frustrated a lot of the night by DC pressing everything played to him for hold up. Guzan gave up a howler, and I think it's fair to say the wet weather contributed to it. howler It was a different game when PIty and Gressel came on, quite a few chances created, but it's also fair to say that up 2 goals, DC sat back more to protect the lead. I'm not worried much beyond the slow start issues we seem to have. If we can get an away goal in the CCL this week, we've played the cards right. If not..... DE BOER OUT!
  6. Expecting lineup changes for ATLUTD tonight as we "focus on the CCL" early in the season. We should see Tito (likely Pity) and Larry (Remedi or Nagbe) starting for sure. I expect Bello/Abrose at LB for Shea and Escobar for Parkhurst if healthy. There's a thought Kann may start in pace of Guzan as well. Lastly, I'd love to see Carleton start for Barco as well. I'm not holding my breath, but he did make the 18 vs. Herediano.
  7. Any thoughts on the first one being an own goal? I'm glad it wasn't, and it may be a harsh, but I'm not sure the original shot gets around he keeper to the corner. I'll take my karma hit and will hang up and listen.
  8. Same here. We only got the ball a few inches off the ground. That goal was fun to watch.
  9. Miggy getting into the thick of things in his home Newcastle debut. Missed a chip by a fraction after running onto a through ball from midfield. He just drew red taking a studs up tackle. The fans really seem energized by his presence.
  10. Yes? Tata's M.O. would have been sub then start for a player coming off injury/rest. I'm not sure what FDB does here. I don't think we take Remedi off, so it seems to be Barco or Nagbe.
  11. Barco had some flashes on Thursday showing some quickness and ability to draw fouls while on the ball. That desire to draw fouls results in him holding the ball too long. He also missed some opportunities to rip a shot in favor of holding the dribble. I'm more optimistic than I was last year on him. I agree on Tito. They have to get him on the filed more. I expect a more attacking lineup in the return leg. I'd like to see FDB drop Barco into the middle of the 4, move Larentowicz to the bench and start Tito along with Pity/Josef up top.
  12. Definitely a rough game. @AAABatteries summarized well throughout. The back line was a total mess, and it didn't help that Guzan was all over the place like a U10 keeper. There were massive gaps on the wings on their counter attacks. The through balls were played at the defenders and not through the gaps. Pity/Barco aren't on the same page with Josef. I could go on. At least when we got creamed by Houston to start last year it was 1 of 34 matches. This is 1 of what may only be 2 matches. A silver lining is Herediano did this to Club America in this tournament before (won 3-0 at home) and proceeded to lost 6-0 away in the second leg. Fingers crossed....
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