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  1. Yeah we ended up walking 3+ miles, got to the El and there were at least 1,000 people waiting for the train. Left there and kept walking. Finally got to the train station at 4AM, they didn't open untli 5AM. Boarded a train at 6:30... was up for over 26 straight hrs :
  2. Ugh... Note: Speed of Sound, Sleight of Hand, Man of the Hour, Daughter, Better Man, Alive, Baba O'RIley, and Yellow Ledbetter were all written on the setlist throughout the encores, but were cut due to curfew
  3. Hot as hell with severe T storms... Awesome.
  4. Vedder loves the shrine. Can't ####### wait.
  5. I have no idea how the new FBG works, sorry for the double quote.
  6. Ditto - what a series! One reporter said if these teams played 100 games each team would win 50. I'm don't think that is far from the truth. Bruins are a great team.
  7. Big time to Wilson today. He handled the Bears D. Very impressed.
  8. Having a Grade 2 MCL tear limits the ability to cut or pivot rendering any QB in that situation useless. Walking after such an injury isn't the epic feat you're making it out to be though.
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