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  1. How long till the site gets hacked? Wouldn't this be a hackers highest profile target?
  2. The youth unemployment rate is a huge concern going forward, especially the unemployed and underemployed recent college grads. The highest unemployment rates are among the 16-19 year old age cohort (20.4%) and among African Americans (13.7%). While recent college graduates may have it somewhat tougher than pre-recession rates, their rates of unemployment are still around 4-5%. I'm listening as to why this is a huge concern. Kids are kids for longer now than when we were young, I'd rather them stay in school getting advanced degrees in STEM and Business fields so we can compete globally rather than having them employed at some low wage job at age 16-19 just to lower the unemployment rate. I'd also like to see a reversal in the trend of U.S. corporations hiring foreign nationals from Asia and India with advanced degrees from their home country taking career level jobs that U.S. kids should be getting, and one way for that to change is to promote advanced education during those years at the expense of a lower earning job. Data: http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t02.htm http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t04.htm http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t15.htm How are they supposed to pay for college if they can't get a job? Sure they can take out loans, but then how do they pay them back when they can't find a job when they graduate.
  3. The prosecutor really went after Ben last night. That was one uncomfortable situation. Was that the first time that the person that called someone out succeeded in sending them home?
  4. She probably really likes him and knew he was nervous. I'd say he should go far.
  5. The $3K isn't taxed here. No, it isn't- you don't pay a tax to put money into a normal brokerage account. If you earned it you paid tax on it sometime.
  6. Using the hypothetical we've been discussing with one adjustment- assume you have $13K to invest with a $10K cap on the retirement contribution. Your choices are (same investments in all accounts): 1- put $10K into a Roth account and send $3K to the IRS or 2- put $10K into a traditional retirement account and $3K into a taxable account. If it helps, think of it as a "do I convert my $10K traditional IRA to a Roth" decision. I think the bolded should be $2100? But continue. The $3,000 into a taxable account is going to be taxed before it goes in. Hence the $2,100.
  7. Agree...and not sure what they were listening to again with Amber. That last song of hers...the low notes were awful...and it seemed to me that many of the high ones were off as well. According to rumors they want Amber to win. They feel she is the most marketable. I think the comments from last night show those rumors to be true. I thought it was great how Jimmy called them out.
  8. I thought the same thing. I was waiting for AshLee to say they had sex after Sean told her he didn't have feelings for the other girls. That chick is crazy.
  9. You know, I taking the dog out as went to commercial, and I remember hearing a preview of the next segment and some chick talking about selling old water cans. Didn't get around to watching it when I got back. Apparently, I should've taken a closer look.Going to need some ....missed that episodeOne dude on the Pawn Stars FB page mentioned how hot she was. Other than that... :tumbleweed:She'll turn up eventually.The full episode is up on history channel. She is at the end.
  10. Better yet, he should be on when she's the Bachelorette.I have a feeling he would like that.
  11. I thought I was crazy for thinking about starting him over Jimmy Graham.
  12. My gut is telling me to start him over Jimmy Graham at flex in ppr, but my mind says I'm crazy.
  13. Add 18,500 to that new claim list. "Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders." Hostess Bankruptcy
  14. Great lens for the price, but you will find it has limites due to focal length. 17-85 is a stud lens, but a costly one...but it will do great portraits! Check out this site: POTN I buy ALL MY used gear there...the best Canon site on the net....BAR NONE That lens is a lot out of my price range. Thanks for the info and link.
  15. Looking for a new lens for our Rebel T1i as a Christmas present and currently have the Cannon kit lens(18-55mm and 55-250mm). I'm looking for a portrait lens. Would one of these be a good lens for the price? Not sure what the difference is except one says auto-focus. Still starting out and don't want to spend to much. Which one would be the best value? Canon EF 50mm Canon EF 50
  16. Amazing what 4 years ca do - just locked in 30 years at 3.625 fixed.Now I'm at 15 years and 3.125 fixed.
  17. Does anyone believe these numbers? After the election they will be adjusted down. They just happened to find 86,000 jobs in July and August. Give me a break.
  18. Matt Ryan $19 Joe Flacco $11 Darren Sproles $23 Marshawn Lynch $19 Willis McGahee $16 David Wilson $9 Cedric Benson $3 Evan Royster $3 Ronnie Brown $2 Julio Jones $23 Jordy Nelson $20 Antonio Brown $17 Danny Amendola $6 Devery Henderson $4 Donald Driver $2 Eddie Royal $2 Jimmy Graham $29 Brandon Pettigrew $15 Zach Miller $6 Garrett Hartley $6 Jason Hanson $4 San Francisco 49ers $6 Houston Texans $5
  19. Are drugs from Indian internet sites safe?
  20. Nope, but there's a red herring beating a dead horse over in the corner. Grab a nipple.Pit bulls kill horse
  21. Good stuff Cunk.All dogs breeds are not the same. And that speaks directly to the Pitts breeding in that it regularly attacks/injures adults as well as children. Which is different from every other breed, even wolf-mixes. All this. The numbers don't lie.Actually they can and likely do. The Merritt Clifton study, referenced by Cunk, has been discussed at length. It is merely an attempt to compile media reports on dog attacks, there are a large number of inherent flaws built into the study.I know none of that will matter to you or BST because it supports your personal beliefs but the reality is the MC study has no scientific credibility and offers little, if any, information of value. This is no lie
  22. Not sure if this one had been posted. Pit Bull Kills Baby
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