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  1. Performance of the night was that crazy chick and Jessica. I crap you not, I actually rewatched it for her facial expressions. It was unreal and the closest thing to the Exorcist that I have ever seen in real life. Jesus, I am still shaken up over it.

    My fiancee and I were scared sh**less when the camera focused on that crazy women. It looked like a character from the movie "Mars Attacks".
    That had to be the scariest performance ever. I was waiting for her teeth to jump out and eat Jessica or her wig to attack her. I told my wife that it looked like the Exorcist too.
  2. I knew this was going to be a bad night for me when they said the song list was 2010-2012. I don't think I knew one song any of them sang. I've maybe heard the Lady Gaga song.

    My rankings for the week:

    Joshua - Not sure who to put at the top, Joshua was probably best.

    Skylar - Since I didn't know the song, it had the feeling to me like she was a returning contestant from last year performing her new single.

    Jessica - Pretty good, but they should all probably stop slobbering over her at this point.

    Hollie - I thought Hollie was really good and didn't deserve what she got from the judges. Felt like a producers gimmick to get her voted off.

    Elise - Good but I didn't think it was anything special.

    Phillip - Haven't liked his last two performances.

    Colton - Really, really boring. Tired of his stupid faces and head gyrations as he sings. Get over yourself, dude.

    Didn't particularly care of any of the duets, so I'll just go with:




    Totally agree with this. I thought she sounded great, just needed to show more emotion. Wife and I both agreed they want her gone.
  3. I was shocked that he eliminated Jennifer. I thought she was final 3, and that she was one of the three he had connected most with at this point while there is a lot of dead weight left.

    My wife and I were shocked as well. Thought their connection was one of the strongest. I sure hope the girls find out about the skinny dipping. I wonder what happens with Casey S. next week.
  4. Canon deal

    Here is the deal for anyone interested. Best deal I have found anywhere. $700 for Canon Rebel T1i, 18-55mm IS lens, 55-250mm IS lens and a UV filter for $700. No tax.

    Sounds like a good deal if you're willing to settle for Canon.


    What would you recommend for a beginner?
    he is just poking fun because he is a Nikon guy. The Cannon is a good deal and one you should get if you want a good camera
    Thanks, I thought he might be joking. This price beats B&H so I am thrilled with the price.
  5. What are the advantages of buying from a camera shop? The local shop I am thinking about buying from is very good with great staff. The only problem is I can save $150 on the camera and lens online from Amazon. Any suggestions?

    Depends. If you think you can benefit from their expertise down the road it might be worth the $150 to establish a relationship with them. How much are you spending?
    Just totaled it up and it is actually $200. $900 at the shop and $700 at amazon. Called the shop and they don't offer any discounts on classes or service if purchased through them. I think I am going with Amazon.
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