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  1. It was dreadful but I sat through the whole thing. Last 5 mins were interesting though.
  2. Was kinda hoping he'd clean house at the end, but Frank triumphantly/confusingly raising his hands was good too.
  3. I don't know if it's been said in the thread already, but I don't want to browse through it for fear of spoilers, but is there anyplace to watch this show online? AMC streamed the first 2 episodes, but that seems to be it. I'd rather not torrent them if possible.
  4. She's no 10, but she's definitely not worthy.Man-ish face and a plastic body. I don't care how cute her hoo-ha is, they should not have been fawning over her the way they were. I was expecting some hot little Lexi Belle type considering the way "cute" was thrown around.
  5. They have the WORST taste in women. This is Arbor. http://howardstern.com/dtcms/tsimg/RS-12-1...Jan---Arbor.jpg
  6. It named them in the credits but I don't remember now.I know one of you fanboys has this on DVR. Help a guy out.
  7. Anyone know the names of the girls in the car with Katie Morgan? I wanted to do some "research" on the redhead that was in the backseat with her.
  8. Quality avatar material here, http://www.backcare-ergonomics.com/images/..._120_90_jpg.jpg
  9. I thought it was freakin hilarious when Artie and Howard were doing it.As usual, Robin's attempt at humor killed the bit. I wish she would shut the eff up when men are talking. also for the record, justine jolie is really not hot.She used to be a lot cuter when she went by Hope, but her nerd-ness only helps her
  10. 100% Howard's fault. He's a master of stoking the flames and for once the fire finally erupted into flames in his face.And if it's fake the only people in on it were Artie, Teddy and Howard. Robin was sincerely shocked at the fracas.
  11. I wish someone would tally the amount of days Artie worked on the show the past year. Over/Under 160?Considering they work 4 days/week for less than 52 weeks, I'll take the under. Easiest friggin job in history
  12. Salad is not very gangster. Gotta go with shuke. Awesome thread.
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