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  1. Here's basically the same piece by a local beat writer. Haskins turning heads at minicamp Only thing added in here is a touch of perspective from the writer and these quotes from Haskins that I like.
  2. Damnit. More preview talk! I finally see the damn movie and now there's Shield spoilers. Previews are literally spoilers. Literally. They actually show you things you haven't seen in context yet. 🤦‍♂️
  3. Damnit. I was going to quote that post. 😂 Feel for you, Frank. As much as I hate the Giants, I get your pain right now. It's a pain I expected to have as a Redskins fan when we invariably #### up like always. This is a weird feeling right now. Knowing we crushed the 1st round. I agree with you about Riddick. Some team will get a great GM next year. I was hoping we'd fire Bruce Allen and get him. He has ties to the Skins (former scout there). Good luck with Noodle "Pick 6" Jones!
  4. Damnit. Now I have to leave the thread again until I see the movie since so many people love analyzing trailers. Why does everyone like spoilers so much? We're going to see the movie. Everything is better when it's fresh.
  5. The atrocity! I liked it! Only thing I didn't like was how they dealt with Doom. I really enjoyed the rest of it and wished they made a follow-up.
  6. So I'm the only person that liked the last Fantastic 4? Why does it get suck a bad wrap? Only issue was a neutered Doom.
  7. Hard to sit a defense on a roll at home against a QB that was on the streets 10 days ago. A QB who hadn't thrown a pass in 7 years. A QB who won't have his 4 of his top 6 pass catchers (Doctson, Reed, Davis, Harris). But it's hard to sit the #1 stud D of the year when they've got a good matchup too. Good luck, Faust! We're all pulling for you.
  8. I'd go Rams and Titans. I'm going NE over Minnesota. I just dropped Atlanta for CJ Anderson in case he sticks next year as a Gurley decent handcuff. I'm hoping my opponent doesn't pick up Atlanta and #### me with them.
  9. Vikings are the best defense of the group.That's why I started them over Atlanta last week. Despite 9 sacks, Viking D only got me 11pts. Atlanta 23 on my bench... Vikings did great last time they played Detroit though with 23pts in my league that game. NE got about the same out of their last matchup with the Bills. But the Bills are better now than they were then.
  10. NE v Buff Minny v Det ATL v Panthers Those are the 3 I own. Cleveland is sitting there. I'm leaning NE.
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