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  1. Let me give you a scenario.... Imagine you are an old lady and you are upset that an employee at a business wouldn't let you return something without a receipt. So you wait until he gets off work and as he is walking in the parking lot you scream "STOP!!! HE'S STEALING MY PURSE!!! STOP!!!!" People come running to see you and you point to the guy you are upset with. The guy now sees people coming after him, so he runs. The people who came to help you run after him, and tackle him to the ground. He ends up being severely injured in the violent tackle. There was no stolen purse. Y
  2. Honestly, we could have two members of congress, I mean literally two people making up the entirety of congress, and you might see a slight difference in what comes out of congress.
  3. If anyone on the left voted for the pied piper of the 100+ days of destruction in Portland, then yes they are in need of some soul searching as to why they voted for the pied piper.
  4. Trump said it's beautiful. It's the most beautiful code he's ever seen.
  5. Unless they're using something like VMware.
  6. Hmmm.... let me try that out. 66666Official Joe Biden Inauguration Day Thread - Jan 20th66666 Yes... yes, you're right. That is more elegant.
  7. Long.... but this was probably the best read I've seen about how this happened: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55592332 It ends with this:
  8. Trump is not the victim of anything this week.
  9. I actually listened to the first Q interview. It was back around the time that Edward Snowden came out and released all the data. Someone sent me a link to an internet radio show called The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and said something like "another Edward Snowden is about to come out on the show". So I listened to the show live. Apparently Hagmann & Hagmann were father and son private investigators or something, and did this internet radio show on the side. This guy comes on the show, but doesn't want to be identified because he wants to keep his high profile job inside government.
  10. Can they be pardoned before they even plea guilty or the court rules them guilty? Aren't they innocent until proven guilty? That would make them innocent right now.
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