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  1. The $35,000 pyramid The $35,000 VBD pyramid Let it Ride Contest Let VBD Ride Contest Triton Tournament (Combo of being King of the Hill and being a Shark, not be a Guppy) Survive 'n Thrive (commonality leads to initial success, uniqueness to final success) NOTE: I am rather partial to Triton Tournament due to its pithiness.
  2. Hard to come by many clips of Ty'son Williams, but from what I have seen, he is completely uninspiring. PASS
  3. Die? I'd rather delay the inevitable until it becomes more palatable.
  4. His first two years in the league, other teams gave him the #1 WR treatment, but he didn't have a competent QB. Last year he gets a competent QB. HOWEVER, he also gets AJ Brown. Opposing teams still treated him like the #1 WR. Tannehill was satisfied looking elsewhere than at the #1 coverage. This year, teams are more often treating Davis like the #2 WR, the first time in his career. I read before the Chicago game that the Bears were expected to cover Davis with their better CB. I benched him. It wasn't that I thought he couldn't get open, it is Tannehill's reluctance to challenge the #1 coverage combined with the low passing volume. We saw enough of that last year. Davis has zero games in his career where he is treated like the #1 WR, has a competent QB, AND the QB is willing to throw to him despite #1 coverage (which doubly won't happen in Tenn with a damn good WR on the other side). It will be very interesting to see how Davis does on another team, and how Brown fares if no other WR steps up after the departure of Davis.
  5. Or when Gannon went 5-1 after taking over for an injured Grbac (who started the first nine games) earning the #1 seed. Grbac came back for the meaningless last game of regular season. Grbac then started the playoff game...
  6. Agreed. I don't think he lacks vision. His shows perfectly fine spatial awareness. I would say he was previously unaware of some key indicators to consider. He is aware now and needs repetitions to make it natural.
  7. From what I saw early, he was often picking the wrong hole, failing to recognize where the leverage was between the blocker and defender. The Wisconsin blocking wasn't dominant like it was in the past, but perhaps it was good enough that Taylor could pick the sub-optimal lane and still produce well enough given his athleticism. Taylor has been running with uncertainty, which he didn't do in college. This leads me to conclude that he is aware of his shortcoming and is actively trying to change and improve. He is reportedly smart and a hard worker. The problem is that when trying to improve/correct something in sports, it is practically a given the person will get worse before getting better. This is due to having to actively think instead of react. Taylor needs repetitions. The repetitions Taylor needs can't be had off of the field (like a QB's footwork, a basketball shot, or golf swing can be changed on one's own time). Due to the worse outcome, he is actually getting fewer of the repetitions that he desperately needs. Perhaps it will click later this season, but I wouldn't count on it. I am reasonably confident, but by no means certain, that Taylor will make a dramatic improvement in year 2.
  8. I haven't seen week 10, only week 9 of Ballage. I actually like what I believe you are calling timidness. He is trying to be patient and find a hole. He doesn't wait too long when there isn't really a hole. He decisively plows ahead. He has just enough size and pop to make it work.
  9. I believe it is only a mess because Taylor has failed to truly impress. I am a Taylor believer, but so far his decision making as a pro has been poor (limited sample size). If that continues, the nightmare won't end.
  10. What do you call it when the offense lines up and the QB makes a surprise punt on third down? Special teams is determined by activity, not by the people on the field. If a punt or kick occurs, it is special teams. A run or pass, it is offense/defense. The ball touching a player's foot intentionally makes it special. Hence "foot"ball . If it were normal we would call it soccer.
  11. It was an offensive play. The offense lined up in a manner to make the defense believe they were going to make a special teams play. The offense indeed tricked the defense when the offense ran an offensive play. Otherwise, perhaps all trick plays should be credited to special teams.
  12. I haven't seen him play much this year, but I distinctly remember him ducking out of bounds when he could have gotten a couple more (contested) yards. It was encouraging. Has he been doing this regularly, being selective about the physicality?
  13. Darrel Williams has looked cuttable, not just in fantasy but by the Chiefs. I've had concerns about how CEH would be replaced. Washington is inactive this week. However, if CEH were to be injured, I would expect Washington to replace him the following week while Williams and Thompson would mostly keep their same roles.
  14. Peterson's release is a great sign, but the recent practices that lead to Peterson's comments do not make it a given Gibson is the man in the WTF backfield. Love ran with the first team early in camp and they liked what they saw. They liked what they saw in Gibson, too, but they had to make sure it was enough to release Peterson. Running Gibson with the ones was critical in evaluation as well as preparation due to both his inexperience and the shortened preseason. Peterson's stated conclusion was understandable, but not necessary correct. Furthermore, I interpret WTF wanting "one guy" as wanting their RBs to be three down backs. They don't want a two down back and a receiving specialist. I don't take it as their wanting a "workhorse" RB. I am sure they would love to have multiple explosive RBs who can do it all. The release of Peterson is a great sign for both, because if either didn't shine, Peterson would still be on the team. The desire for one guy means Gibson should also get carries between the tackles and Love should also get receptions. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  15. Is it though? Indications so far are Peterson is the starting RB and Gibson the starting OW (offensive weapon). Should Peterson go down (or when he was not practicing), Love was the starting RB and Gibson the starting OW. If Peterson is not practicing AND Gibson is running with the 1s over Love, then yes, turning tables.
  16. I am trying to fully understand what is up with Corey Davis. He has very good size, speed, quickness, and even work ethic. So far it is that he isn't good against press coverage and he has shown a general inability to put it all together in games despite showing it in practice. I cam across this article touting AJB https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2019/12/19/21028713/film-review-a-j-browns-monster-day-against-the-texans. I was looking at Corey Davis in the videos. 1. Nothing to see here. [Own goal line. No Corey Davis. Bomb to AJB.] 2. Man coverage. Davis and AJB on opposite sides. Davis breaks sharply and is wide open across the middle, enough for a first down. FS stays split between Davis and AJB. The ball goes to a better covered AJB a bit further down the field. AJB was open, but the ball was a bit late, allowing the DB to recover. 3. Nothing to see here. [Clear out for an underneath throw to AJB.] 4. Man coverage. Davis split wide and AJB next to him in the slot. Davis makes an excellent cut getting instant separation from the #1 CB. AJB isn't really open, but he turns it into a productive play with his RAC ability. 5. Unclear, but it appears Davis is pressed at the line, gets extra coverage by a second defender who then slides off to pick up the RB out of the backfield. As soon as that happens, another defender slides over effectively maintaining double coverage on Davis. When the play is extended, the extra defender plays the side of the field around the goal-line without giving extra attention to Davis. On the other side of the field, the defense trusted one CB without help to cover AJB the entire time. In those few videos, Davis was either getting extra attention or was clearly open. Was it like that much of the season? I am not looking to take anything away from AJB. It appears like the other team treated Davis as the #1 while the Titans treated AJB as the #1, since Davis didn't get the looks when he was open. That is a double whammy for statistical output for Davis. If Davis is treated as the #2 by opposing defenses, could he be dominant? Teams should treat AJB as the #1 from the start of next season. AJB can get it done simply by physicality and RAC. Davis is not that type of player, although he was the #11 WR for YAC over expected YAC, while AJB was obviously #1. If Tannehill is not up to the task, we may have to wait for 2021 for Davis.
  17. The reality is people are subconsciously influenced by their expectations. When the talking heads say Swift is amazing and CEH is good, their interpretation of the ambiguity of what they are watching will drift in those directions. With the endorsement of Reid/Mahomes, the expectations when watching CEH became sky high. The change in interpretation is no surprise The skeptics out there can mitigate this preconceived bias to an extent, even flipping it the other way if they are antagonistic in nature. If a talking head or two takes a strong early stance on a player, it can influence the other talking heads. The view spreads and even reinforces the original. It takes a vocal skeptic, or someone who doesn't listen to the chatter (basically a zero based review) to break out of it. Not that either is inherently correct.
  18. I'm not certain the body is able, but I believe everyone will be hellbent on producing stats. I don't see them letting off the gas in wins. If it was reasonable, I think they would never give a handoff and use shovel passes instead of runs!
  19. The Chiefs really need LB and CB. Four of the five picks immediately preceding the Chiefs were LB and CB. Perhaps they didn't see the value there. Too bad there wasn't a QB worth taking there so they could trade down. As a Chiefs fan, before the draft, I thought they might take an RB with the 32nd pick. People talk about how good the Chiefs O-line is, but Mahomes was always scrambling. By the time the Super Bowl rolled around, he seemed to reflexively scramble sometimes. I remember a couple of times after he quickly resorted to scramble that he glanced back, saw nobody was actually there, and shook his head. Perhaps with CEH we'll see Mahomes scrambling a bit less and slinging it downfield (with great success). CEH is a tremendous outlet.
  20. Agreed. I think there is also a clear delineation at WR after Pittman was taken. The next guys are injury concerns, speedster, more athlete than WR, weapon, etc. There is either a noticeable jump in risk or a poor fit for Indy with the next guys taken.
  21. Is this a knock on Taylor (Wisconsin #8), Swift (Georgia #2), or Dobbins (Ohio State #4)?
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