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  1. Next update will offer a clan feature if anybody is still playing this.
  2. Bought a keg of that on a whim because I liked the name. Turned out to be an absolutely fantastic IPA. Bought a couple other kegs since. Great stuff.
  3. Crushed a ton of the Hill Farmstead/Tired Hands 'Karma Emulsion' this week. Good beer is entirely too expensive.
  4. They must've loosened up on that because it's all over NY right now. Kegs and cans. A lot of the breweries up that way are extremely anal about where their beer goes. Hill Farmstead is notorious for that, basically saying that you can't fill growlers with their beer.
  5. That Sip of Sunshine made it's way to NYC recently. A nice change of pace from all the NEIPAs flooding the market, but holy hell, those kegs are ridiculously expensive!
  6. Customer brought in a Hill Farmstead Barrel-Aged Dorothy tonight. Needless to say he didn't have to pay for any beer while he was out here.
  7. I play it. Finished 3rd in the last tournament (rookie). This tournament I was too broke to try the pro tournament so I guess I'll crush the rookie tournament again.
  8. Got some Barrier Money, Interboro Made You Look, Zero Gravity Conehead, and Mikeller Beer Geek Brunch keeping me company at work tonight.
  9. I'm the buyer for a beer bar here in NYC. I usually dedicated 6/30 taps to IPA's, and if at least four of those aren't NEIPA's, my customers will get pissed.
  10. I'm the opposite when it comes to NEIPA's. It's the only style of beer I want to drink. And it's super easy here in NYC to make it happen.
  11. By the time everybody gets used to the gameplay it'll be Monday and Clan Battles will be a distant memory. And there may be too much happening on the screen for me. I felt like a kid with ADD playing whack-a-mole.
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