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  1. I had a friend help me install a new front door with sidelights. The door weighed a metric ton but we summoned our he-man strength and got it in place. The final result is outstanding! I had people I don’t know driving by and saying how great it looks. I saved a boatload installing it myself and have piece of mind knowing it was done correctly.
  2. Confirmed ACL tear for Morris 😢 Morris Update
  3. Who has a red bean and rice recipe they want to share? I know there was a thread on cajun cooking and it had recipe i made several times. I tried searching for it but I'm not able to find it.
  4. Search for Todem’s posts. He has a great list
  5. That sucks and hope your power is on soon. If your pipes are frozen you should shut the water off to your house. There is a good chance you will have a cracked pipe and turning off the water will limit the damage once they thaw.
  6. If you do a search you should find a thread on this I will second the Bosch recommendation
  7. And the added bonus of reading the comments and seeing ESPN+ acquired the rights for the Belgium league More USMNT players to watch
  8. Guehi was one of the few regulars that started. I think they took him off to rest him for the weekend. Swansea has prioritized the league over the cup.
  9. Arriola breaking his cherry Morris off Steffen napping
  10. With this score line we may see Arriola get on the pitch
  11. Made one great line breaking place. Should have cut off the shot that scored.
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