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  1. Are you asking about the electric? Looks like there is a box on either side of a stud. Upper one is a switch and lower an outlet. Everything else looks centered to me.
  2. @MAC_32 At first glance I would question the need to put the shed on a concrete slab and 50 square feet is only 5x10 and not big enough area You have a lot of moving parts so make sure they have some sort of flow or uniform look I would start taking to contractors now and listening to their thoughts on how to improve your space Be very wary of any contractor that asks for money up front.
  3. I would think orange peel would be fine for an attic. Kids screwing around in rec room are bound to beat up the walls anyway
  4. The first time I did it I had the wrong end facing out also🤦. Embarrassing and frustrating way to get started. I’ve done 5 rooms so I am proficient now. A couple tips I’d pass along When starting you have to do the first 2 rows together. Having the second row overlap the end to end joints of the first row stops the first row from coming apart. Pay attention to length of your starting boards so your joints have good, varied overlap and your last cut in the row isn’t a couple inches long. You can’t tilt and click the joints together when the piece goes under a door frame. Get a micro plane or razor blade and shave off the tongue part of the tongue and groove and apply wood glue. You can tap the pieces together and the glue will hold
  5. Rubbed a chuck roast in salt and pepper and smoked for 3 hours. Put it in a pan with a Guinness, worchestire, garlic, jalapeños, onions and peppers and covered. Cooked until a fork slid in like butter and pulled the meat. Tossed on some hard rolls with cheese and it was top notch.
  6. I love Rain X for my windshield. It does such a good jo be beading up water you rarely have to use your windshield wipers.
  7. I just returned from a very similar vacation. Beers early and all day with plenty of swimming, walks and a good diet. Stepped on the scale this morning and was up 7 pounds. Time to get back to work.
  8. Are you getting any sleep? You’re knocking it out!
  9. LDT was top of my list for players I wanted to see. 😠
  10. I hate to roverkid is going thru this. Can you go to the primary care under the guise of headaches or nausea rather than your (probably correct) diagnosis? and ER visits unless you’re life is really at risk are the worst
  11. I’ve always been an SLB admirer from afar. May you tap into vast amounts of strength and courage and be humble enough to accept the many offers of help you will receive.
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