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  1. I’ve renamed IPOE to IPOO. I just need to ignore it until later this summer.
  2. It has taken me years to suppress the urge to offer solutions to my wife’s problems. They are happier #####ing than addressing the problem.
  3. Not sexy but BAC has been solid for me lately
  4. A 2 game winning streak with Doogie Houser in net!! Simply amazing how inept RK was
  5. That’s a good looking pup! My dogs sack shrunk over time. Almost like he slowly realized he no longer had any jewels to hold.
  6. I live on the east coast but have driven from Astoria to San Fran 3 times with lot of time to explore the coast and forests. It is my absolute favorite spot on earth.
  7. Living in Charlotte this is a major bummer. I really hope Tepper builds a soccer only stadium at some point.
  8. Would that take him off your health insurance?
  9. Really unfortunate for Morris as he would have gotten a lot of playing time as Swansea is thin up front.
  10. I didn’t play this weekend but I did build a new bridge to replace one that was falling apart.
  11. Game is on ESPN+ at 12:30 for anyone else that wants to scout.
  12. What time are the games on Sunday?
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